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Marvel Studios Reportedly Ordered Taika Waititi To Keep Thor: Love and Thunder’s Runtime Under 2 Hours


Thor: Love and Thunder was the next major MCU offering after Doctor Strange 2 this summer. However, reactions to this film were mixed. Some loved it, others found many, many flaws. Nevertheless, the film was quite talked about online and was the fourth film in the franchise.

Taika Waititi was aked by marvel to keep Thor: Love and Thunder under 2 hours
Director Taika Waititi

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Recently, it has been reported that Marvel Studios had asked director Taika Waititi to keep the length of the movie below 2 hours. We take a closer look at this story in this article.

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Taika Waititi Was Asked By Marvel To Keep Thor: Love and Thunder’s Runtime Under 2 Hours

Taika Waititi was aked by marvel to keep Thor: Love and Thunder under 2 hours
Taika Waititi

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This was reported by Joanna Robinson of The Ringer-Verse podcast (via ComicBook). The popular director was given this directive by the studio. “Taika having a blank check on this is absolutely not the case. He got more leeway than he got with Ragnarok, but there was a mandate to bring this movie in under two hours. This comes in under two hours and they cut a ton of stuff out of this movie,”

Further, Joanna Robinson reported:  “Taika is on record as not being in director’s cuts. We know Jeff Goldblum, Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey [were supposed to appear] and Simon Russell Beale appeared as Dionysus and had like two lines in this movie but has an above-the-line credit, so he was definitely supposed to be in this more. Gorr was definitely supposed to come in and kill a bunch of other people.”

Thor 4 Jane Foster
Thor: Love and Thunder

It’s not clear what motives Marvel studios had to restrict the movie to 2 hours or below. Nonetheless, the movie received mixed reviews and had several flaws in it according to fans. What do you think about the runtime of the film? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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Thor: Love and Thunder is now in Theaters.

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