Marvel Super Soldiers That Were Less ‘Soldiers’ and More Grotesque Abominations

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Captain America is the most prominent Super Soldier in the Marvel Universe. With his amazing abilities and strength, he is also perhaps the best of his kind. He invokes pride and is a stunning achievement of the American military. However, not all Super Soldiers are like him. It turns out, the scientist who created the Super-Soldier, was killed soon after creating Captain America. With his demise, all his research was lost.


Since then, many countries on Earth tried to replicate his creation of the Super-Soldier, with mixed success. Some turned out fine, others did not. The ones that missed, were less ‘soldiers’ and more grotesque abominations. Today, we take a look at six of such monsters that were created. Share your opinion on these creatures in the comments section below.

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1. Man-Thing – Monster by Accident

super soldiers that were grotesque abominations
A picture of Man-Thing

The Man-thing has a disastrous origin story. He debuted in the Marvel Universe in 1971’s “Savage Tales”. This monster started out as a simple scientist working in a program by S.H.I.E.L.D. to develop a new form of the Super-Soldier serum. Things took a tragic turn when he was attacked by the soldiers of the A.I.M. organization. He ended up injecting the experimental serum, and this turned him into the Man-Thing. Grotesque and monstrous, he is a swamp of muck with limited intelligence. What makes him menacing is his desire to burn everything that fears him! Yikes!

2. Warhawk – A Tragic Story

super soldiers that were grotesque abominations
The Warhawk

Warhawk made his first appearance in the Marvel Universe in 1975’s “Marvel Premiere”. Michael Tanner was a soldier in Vietnam, he got married and settled down in a local village. Later, he was almost killed in an attack on the same village. US soldiers found him, and he was revived with an experimental serum. This serum healed him but also turned him into something else. His skin turned blue and he became super strong. He then became a trained assassin with the code name Warhawk, and lost his insanity soon after.

3. Nuke – A Crazy Mercenary

super soldiers that were grotesque abominations
The Nuke

Nuke was a mad Vietnam War veteran with a bad attitude. He was a gun for hire and had a big American flag tattooed on his face. A peculiar thing about him was that he used to keep a count of his kills, after which he would reset the counter to beat his own “score”. Less of a ‘soldier’ and more of a mercenary.


4. Omega Red – A Soviet Nightmare

super soldiers that were grotesque abominations
Omega Red in the comics

This monster made his debut in 1992’s “X-Men”#4. A product of the USSR’s Super-Solder program, he was originally a serial killer picked up as a lab rat. He was injected with an experimental serum. This gave him superhuman abilities. He was also implanted with metal tentacles, to yet further augment his capabilities. A terror, he who was briefly put in suspended animation but was released later.

5. Red Skull – Nazi Terror

super soldiers that were grotesque abominations
The Red Skull

Introduced in “Captain America Comics” #1, Red Skull was Captain America’s arch-enemy. He was once Johann Schmidt and was ruthlessly trained by the Nazis to become an evil monster. After this,  he went by the name, Red Skull. His creation prompted the US to make Captain America to counter him. He was an evil genius who was put to bad ways by his creators.

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6. Sentry – The Forgotten One

super soldiers that were grotesque abominations
super soldiers that were grotesque abominations

Sentry is quite unique, even by the standards of this list. Introduced in the year 2000, by the miniseries “Sentry”, he was a superhero added retrospectively to the Marvel Universe. As a young man, he took an experiment by taking an enhanced version of the Super-Soldier serum by accident. This transformed him into the Sentry. Sentry has incredible reality-altering powers, and he erased everyone’s memory of him, including his own!


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