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Marvel Superheroes Red Hood Would Curb Stomp

Marvel Superheroes Red Hood Would Curb Stomp

Red Hood is a skilled character from the DC universe, known for using combat abilities in his fights. Batman trained him first, then Talia al Ghul trained him after returning to life. He is a vigilante who came back to life, although he stopped using guns and now depends on his fighting style.

1. Greycrow: He has devoted himself to fighting for mutants. He can make guns from his cybernetic implants, which means he is armed all the time. While he has a long-range advantage, Red Hood has the experience to counterattack and take in a single blow.

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2. Iron Fist: Trained in martial arts at K’un-Lun, Danny Rand becomes the immortal Iron Fist. At the same time, he uses his chi-abilities to take out his foes. Red Hood might be slightly better in terms of his agility and stamina. This would be a tough fight but thrilling for the audience to watch.

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3. Wild Child: The healing factor could be a significant game-changer in favor of Wild Child. But Red Hood has proved himself many times. His spirit would’ve never let him down, and that could be an equalizer, so it is just a matter of the fact that the fight would end in a submission.

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4. The Punisher: Both the characters have been carrying the guilt of losing someone of their own on their backs for many years. While Red Hood stands with no guns, Punisher is the one who feels free to shoot anyone. It will be a fantastic fight to watch, and it entirely depends on the circumstances to decide who will prevail.

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5. Moon Knight: Both the characters feel accessible to paint their hands with blood. Moon Knight has physical advantages, but a skilled fighter like Red Hood would overcome them all with his speed and strength. The white costume of Moon Knight could be a problem in the fight.

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6. Elektra: Both the characters have the skills of using knives. While Elektra is good at holding her own, Red Hood could give her a good and brutal fight. As Elektra lacks in the fighting experience, it’s more likely that Red Hood will take an advantage to win the battle.

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7. Bishop: Bishop is one of the strongest characters that the X- Men series offers. He absorbs the energy between the fights, which gives him an upper hand over the others, whereas the Red Hood doesn’t have anything that could be a game-changer for Bishop. So this fight would be one-on-one.

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8. Daredevil: He is a character known for knocking out people with a different power level. He might be blind, but his senses would help him overcome any situation. It might seem that Daredevil might defeat Red Hood, but his gadgets will give him an extra advantage. Again, this depends on the environment they are fighting in.

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9. Winter Soldier: They both have a similar past as they were villains and now work as heroes. They both have a near-death experience. Winter Soldier is physically stronger than Red Hood, but he has more close combat experience, which will help him beat the Winter Soldier.

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