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Marvel Superheroes Who Would Get Arrested In Real Life

The law tends to be pretty lax against these Marvel Superheroes in the comic books. But in the real world, the cops would be cuffing these Marvel superheroes and they sing them their Miranda Rights.

Spider-Man Would End Up In Juvie

Superior Spider-Man

Over the years, Spider-Man has fought many villains. And every fought of his has led to destruction of both public and persona property. hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages, all because Spider-Man decided to be the hero that day. We know he means well but the collateral damage to his name is too huge to be ignored now. Peter Parker is mostly seen as a high schooler/vigilante superhero. So he would be tried for juvenile delinquency in the court and sent straight to Juvie. We see long hours of community service for him. He would be doing those till he reaches 30. J Jonah Jameson, the owner o a powerful media house, running a smear campaign against him will not help his case either.

Deadpool Would Be Put In An Asylum After Being Proved Criminally Insane


Even before Wade Wilson joined the Weapon X program and got his signature facelift, he was a mercenary and gun for hire. He has killed, maimed, and wounded hundreds of people as a hired hand. After he became Deadpool, Wade’s murderous rampage only got amplified. Now he kills and spills blood like there’s no tomorrow. He may have helped out the Avengers on numerous occasions but that does not absolve him of his past crimes. He is also not on very good terms with most heroes. In real life, marvel superheroes like Deadpool would be tried in an international court and incarcerated in an insane asylum.

Daredevil’s Double Life Means He Will Be Sued In Court


When everyone’s there, Matt Murdock is an ace lawyer who fights for the underprivileged and the down-trodden. He is the hope people look for in the dark. When nobody’s looking, Matt dons the mask and becomes the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. As a lawyer, Matt embracing his double life as a vigilante is not good for his legal career. Many of the cases he was won as a lawyer is because of him working tirelessly, punching bad ways and collecting evidence as Daredevil. If he reveals his identity. the evidence that helped him put bad guys in jail would end up becoming circumstantial. And that would mean Matt Murdock’s legal career is ruined.

Captain America Would Be Mere Inches Away From A Court-Martial

Captain America

He fights for the ideals of the American Dream. Captain America is the most righteous of Marvel superheroes. He always stands up for the right thing, even if it means standing alone against the world. And in most occasions, he is the good guy. But in reality, Captain America’s regular brushing with the brass and authority would immediately get him court-martialed in a military court. Since he is technically in the military and has regularly undermined the chain of command while on active duty, Captain America would find himself behind bars in army jail. It has already happened in the comics. So it is not that difficult to imagine it happening again in real life.

The Punisher Is, In Essence, A Serial Killer

Frank Castle

Marvel superheroes are generally very noble. But anti-heroes like the Punisher have a long track record of playing fire with the law. Frank Castle goes out of his way to kill the people he deems to be a threat to society. He plays judge, jury, and executioner to criminals. And he sometimes finds the most creative ways to kill them off. From unleashing polar bears to flattening them with a road-roller, the Punisher targets criminals, killing them in the nastiest of ways. In essence, the guy’s a serial killer who, in real life, will not be allowed to walk free.