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Marvel’s The Punisher Finally Gets Superpowers, Not Just One But Five

Marvels The Punisher Finally Gets Superpowers Not Just One But Five

Frank Castle, most commonly known as the Punisher, finally receives his superpowers, making him almost godlike with not just one but five special abilities!

Marvel's The Punisher
Frank Castle in Marvel’s The Punisher

The Punisher is famous for his exceptional fighting skills, whether armed or not. He always has a weapon in hand and an indomitable spirit that guides him throughout his battles. Now, Marvel is granting him powers and changing the direction of his life. This power is said to have come from his connection with the god of slaughter behind The Hand, a covert clan of assassins.

Frank is also getting a major remodeling, from his background story up to his fate as the chosen representative of The Hand. The mercenary accepted this offer as a sign of gratitude for resurrecting his wife, Maria. Now, Frank becomes the Fist of the Beast, and his connection to the ancient deity has had a major impact on him.

The Punisher with The Hand
The Punisher with The Hand

The Punisher Obtains Supernatural Powers

As seen on Marvel’s Punisher #2, created by Jason Aaron, Jesùs Saiz, and Paul Azaceta, two assassins charged Frank inside the headquarters of The Hand. Frank wanted to protect his wife, and so he unleashed his power of fire, creating tongues of flame that combusted one of the villains.

Previous comic stories of The Punisher have mentioned that the mercenary already possessed the “power of the eyes” – the ability to see the past and future sins of humans. Aside from this, Frank has also been gifted with “wings as swift as rage”, “the strength of every man who has ever murdered,” and the unlimited strength that won’t make him exhausted.

The Punisher Marvel Comics
Marvel’s Punisher #2 issue

With all these extraordinary powers, Frank has now become undefeatable. In one story, Frank has gained angelic powers, which did not impress the readers. This change in The Punisher made the character lose the sense of vulnerability that most fans admired from him in the first place. Only time can tell if Marvel’s restyling of The Punisher will keep its charm.

Written by Ariane Cruz

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