Marvel Theory States Thor Now Has a Third Weapon, May Use it in Avengers: Secret Wars

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Thor: Love and Thunder is the latest MCU theatrical release and it can be undoubtedly said that the movie shattered all expectations. While the movie was bashed both by the critics as well as the audience, according to the classical rule of the MCU, the movie will surely set up its connection with the final big picture. As per the ongoing slate of the MCU, that big picture is Secret Wars. A brand new theory suggests that this movie gave Thor another weapon besides his classic Mjolnir and Stormbreaker.

Thor: Love and Thunder
A still from Thor: Love and Thunder

Avengers: Secret Wars is set to act as the final climactic end to the ongoing MCU’s Multiverse Saga. As all the present ventures in the MCU are eventually headed in that direction only, it is theorized that Zeus’ Thunderbolt may also have a major role in Secret Wars.

What is the new weapon in Thor’s arsenal?

In the movie, when Thor visited Omnipotence City to take some help from Zeus, the King of Gods, he was left disappointed. Following that when he and his company engaged in a battle against Zeus, Thor defeated him and left the place with the thunderbolt. According to a new theory, Thor may use this third weapon of his to turn the tables during the Secret Wars.

Did You Know That? Interesting Detail in Thor vs Zeus / THOR LOVE AND THUNDER - Thunderbolt

A brand new deleted scene from the movie explains that before throwing the Thunderbolt at someone, one needs to aim it correctly and specify the direction. When Russell Crowe‘s Zeus threw the Thunderbolt at Thor, he caught it and pierced Zeus’ body with a rapid return throw. Here the theory emphasizes the point that Thor’s throw was far more different than Zeus’. When Thor threw the weapon back, he also loaded his energy in it which amplified the effect and caused more damage.

Zeus Thunderbolt - Thor 4
Zeus’ Thunderbolt can be a major weapon for Thor in Secret Wars

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As now the thunderbolt is owned by Thor, he can also use it in the future of the MCU. And we have also got a visual glimpse that the Chris Hemsworth character can use the weapon in a far better as well as in a more powerful way. This promises that if it happens then Thor with the thunderbolt is undoubtedly going to instill fear in the minds of the bad guys.

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What is the future of Thor in the MCU?

Brett Goldstein as Hercules
Thor 4 mid-credits scene features Brett Goldstein as Hercules, son of Zeus

It can’t be doubted that following the reception of Love and Thunder, the fifth part will now be a challenging task for the MCU. Although Hercules is set up to be an antagonist in the future of the MCU, we don’t know exactly when the movie will be released. But following the mess, Love and Thunder did by overusing the humor and comedy tone, the character needs a fresh second chance to mark his return.


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After the makeover done to the character by Taika Waititi in Ragnarok, many fans were disappointed when that tone was doubled in Love and Thunder. This poses a very difficult task for the MCU to now present the character by toning down the humor and silliness. They will have to search for a path where it doesn’t become too serious like the first two movies or too cartoonish like the last part. Releasing the fifth installment after Secret Wars may improve the character and the tone but it is highly unlikely for the MCU to continue the God of Thunder’s story for so long.

Thor: Love and Thunder is now streaming on Disney+.


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