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Marvel: 6 Times Thor Failed To Realize His Powers

Marvel 6 Times Thor Failed To Realize His Powers

The God of Thunder, Thor, is one of the most formidable and powerful superheroes of Marvel. He is the hope that every fan looks forward to at the end of every battle. Countless evil entities have attempted to kill him, but Odinson has swiftly taken them down. But 1000 years is a pretty long time, and in these years, Thor has endured many challenges, personal losses, and defeats. Each of them was profound and helped him grow. In spite of these experiences, Thor has still not realized his true potential. Find out every time when Thor failed to live up to his powers.

Always Falls For Loki’s Tricks

C5B4A068 D069 4206 A54B DAE662D7A871One would think that having a prankster brother like Loki for centuries would make one cautious. Yet, Thor always ends up biting the dust, as the God of Mischief manages to trick him every time. 

Not Creative With His Powers

D0ACE545 8202 4B74 B60A 1049E33A0C10The most ordinary humans without powers have honed their skills in just a couple of years. But Thor, who has possessed the ability to control thunder and lightning for centuries, hasn’t brought any twist in his combat style. Such devastating powers can cause catastrophe, but all he does is summon thunderbolts repeatedly. 

When Thor Confronts Hulk

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It’s true that there’s no comparison when it comes to the massive Hulk. But it’s also surprising how effortlessly he takes down Thor, who is a thousand years older than him. Considering the variety of powers Thor possesses and his experience over the centuries, taking him down shouldn’t be so easy for Hulk. 

Jane Foster Did A Better Job As Thor

0D1255C5 F6FD 4AEE 84F5 A2E14BB137FEAs the Mighty Thor, Jane Foster proved how smartly and creatively the God of Thunder could use their powers. She never let her rivals use her vulnerability against her and responded intelligibly to every crisis. 

Lacks Leadership Skills

812126EA 7BF1 4623 A881 BB24D638596ABeing born as Odinson and growing up closest to the throne didn’t teach much to Thor. He is great as a warrior, but when it comes to leading his people and army, the impulsive heir to Asgard’s throne hasn’t lived up to anyone’s expectations. Without Baldur, Sif, and others, Thor couldn’t have made game-changing strategies and decisions during difficult times.

Doesn’t Match Up To His Teammates

FC426122 B781 4EA0 8FF4 A56B644782EBThough Avengers is a big team of several heroes, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor are seen as the golden trio. However, Thor is the only one amongst the three who can be easily replaced. It’s not easy to fill in the genius Tony Stark’s shoes, nor is it everyone’s cup of tea to carry on Captain America’s mantle with the same wisdom and dedication. But if Thor leaves the team, several Avengers could take his place. Captain Marvel, Hulk, and many more can replace him. He does have the potential to be irreplaceable, but he hasn’t lived up to it yet.

Written by Ipshita Barua