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Marvel To Regain Daredevil Rights in 6 Months

Marvel To Regain Daredevil Rights in 6 Months 1

When Marvel’s Daredevil first aired in 2015 on Netflix, no one expected it to become so popular. And now, five years and three seasons later, it has fans craving for more. When the news came in November 2018 that Daredevil would not continue, many were disappointed. But finally, fans are now in for a treat.

Why was it cancelled?

DAREDEVIL: There's Now Less Than Six Months Until Marvel Regains ...
Fans have been waiting for Daredevil for 18 months!

It has now been 18 months since Daredevil made the shelf. Fans couldn’t understand what happened and why it did? The report says that Netflix and Marvel had a dispute over some complicated rights clause. This meant that Netflix could not use any of Marvel’s property for two years. And ever since production stopped in 2018, fans speculated over what the course of action would be when it resumed. Would the cast be the same? Marci Stahl played by actor Amy Rutberg mentioned in one his interviews that before production stopped, Season 4 was already being worked upon. This means that Season 4 was scheduled to be worked upon and delivered by the end of 2019.

What were other shows affected?

What were other shows affected?
Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Punisher were also affected!

When the dispute arose between Netflix and Marvel, many shows were affected. These included the fans favourite, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Fans of Iron Fist have also been disappointed as this also came under the radar. The Punisher also suffered the same fate, and it is out till 2021. But these will all be back after the two-year moratorium is over. Till then, fans have to wait to see the next instalments of their favourite shows. 

What to expect from Season 4?

What to expect from Season 4?
The much-awaited show would be here soon!

Fans of Daredevil would notice the pattern the series follows. Just like Season 3, Season 4 would also have a new antagonist. Their struggle would end with the Season, bringing Daredevil closer the Kingpin a.k.a Vincent D’Onofrio in Season 5. And with Marvel finally regaining the rights to the series, it will bring forth action and drama like never before. So don’t forget to tune in when Daredevil finally airs after six months from today!

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