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New Report Suggests Marvel Grossly Underpays Its VFX Workers, Fans Say: “The VFX workers are making our dreams come true. Pay them!”


Marvel Studios has produced several top-grossing blockbuster films over the past decade and is considered the frontrunner of the superhero movie genre. Behind the glamorous fame, stunning cinematography, and incredible visual effects are artists who work day in and day out, creating and producing only top-notch designs and animation.

Marvel VFX Workers
Marvel Studios underpays VFX workers

There have been new reports claiming that the studio is paying its VFX workers 20% less than other animation companies. For a giant franchise like Marvel, this news is incredibly disappointing since their artists are considered the studio’s backbone.

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VFX Workers Reveal Marvel Studios’ Abusive Treatment Of Their Artists

In a recent report from Vulture, an unnamed VFX artist claimed that they were given workload four times more than what they have been compensated for. It is quite a common issue in the industry to overwork and underpay the staff. Marvel is one of the most notable companies doing this practice. The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees VFX department revealed that Marvel would get one artist for a project that other companies would usually delegate to three people.

Dhruv Govil, a VFX artist who worked on Spider-Man: Homecoming and Guardians of the Galaxy tweeted:

Working on Marvel shows is what pushed me to leave the VFX industry. They’re a horrible client, and I’ve seen way too many colleagues break down after being overworked, while Marvel tightens the purse strings.”

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Marvel VFX Workers
VFX workers reveal Marvel’s unfair treatment

Another VFX artist, only known as David, described his experience working with Marvel in his interview with Gizmodo:

The worst was when Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame were coming out. They actually bumped up that release by a month but they hadn’t told us. I remember being on the floor with my team and one of my artists comes to me and says, ‘Hey, you see this?’ and he shows me the article saying Marvel bumped the release date up a month.”

Marvel’s excuse was they had forgotten to tell them about the change of schedule. Because of so much backlash, the studio plans to create its own VFX house, although there has been no confirmation or official discussion.

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Marvel Fans Sympathize With VFX Artists, Demands Studio To Properly Compensate Them

Marvel CGI
VFX workers are the backbone of Marvel Studios

Working for Marvel as a VFX artist is usually considered an advantage as it affords one the opportunity to work with other renowned filmmakers. On the other hand, they also have the heaviest burden, and the pressure is beyond measure. VFX workers say that Marvel bosses usually change their minds about the ending during post-production. A VFX animator likened this to putting the last coat of paint in a car while deciding what color they want.

Fans are outraged by this new report, and they are urging Marvel Studios to pay their VFX workers as handsomely as possible. Check out their tweets below:

While Marvel may be working their magic, and bringing these fantastic characters and storylines to life, fans have to remember that behind every incredible visual effect, there is an artist sacrificing blood, sweat, and tears under extreme working conditions. There needs to be something done to protect VFX workers from being abused and underpaid.

Source: Vulture, Gizmodo

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Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.