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‘Welcome to Seventh Level of Hell’: VFX Artists Trash Marvel Studios for Horrible Working Conditions, Explain MCU’s Atrocious CGI as Compared to DC

VFX Artists Trash Marvel Studios for Horrible Working Conditions Explain MCUs Atrocious CGI as Compared to DC

VFX artists trash Marvel Studios. Many of them are refusing to work under them as a result of toxic work culture and uncooperative attitude. For quite a time, MCU has been not up to the mark and underwhelming with its works. Phase 4 received several criticisms for its movies and the VFX sector had also been a major part of the criticism. As per the artists, the uneven work environment can be blamed for this.

Marvel Studios To Produce Big-Budget TV Shows
Marvel Studios accused of bad VFX Management

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Marvel Studios: A Horrible Employer?

MCU bad VFX management accused by artists
Kevin Feige, the Head of MCU

The allegations of having terrible VFX Management came out on Marvel via the subreddit r/VFX where the artists from all over the world who worked with MCU unitedly spoke against the Superhero Studio. According to them, Marvel is their worst employer and they care about none.

In a thread titled “I am quite frankly sick and tired of working on Marvel shows”, a user named Independent-Ad419 spoke about their frustrating experience with the studio. They wrote:

“Marvel has probably the worst methodology of production and VFX management out there”

They further wrote that the artists are not paid equivalent for the work they are forced to do and for some projects, they are even provided a tight time slot to complete their work:

“They can never fix the look for the show before more than half the allocated time for the show is over.

The artists working on Marvel shows are definitely not paid equivalent to the amount of work they put in.”

As the user called out MCU in the thread, it took no time for the artists to unite and speak against the studio and not a single user spoke well about them. A user samvfx2015 replied:

“On Thor, they ask for a complete mini-sequence 2 or 3 weeks before deadline”

Many other users warned the other artists to not work with MCU and one even went on to describe it as the “seventh level of hell”:

“I’m on almost three years straight of Marvel. Welcome to the seventh level of hell”

Another user alleged that the studio has been the reason for their sleep deprivation and eating badly. Similarly, there have been literally thousands of posts on the subreddit regarding Marvel and these are only a few glimpses. It is evident from the posts that despite being one of the big studio giants, their quality is still way behind in development.

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Is This The End of Marvel?

MCU's VFX is degrading day by day
Recently released Marvel’s Thor 4

From the recent movies and series of Marvel, it can’t be denied that the VFX work in their content has dropped by a significant amount. If compared to the other Studios and franchises, it seems that they didn’t improve much and few even look worse than before. As per the words of the artists, it is evident that their atrocious work ethic should be blamed for this.

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To improve, the first and foremost thing the MCU needs to implement is to give proper time to the artists and also treat them in a better way so that they can wholeheartedly participate in making the projects better.

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