‘Marvel wants to make the Planet X movie’: Vin Diesel Hints Groot Solo Movie Based on Groot’s Home Planet

Vin Diesel Hints Groot Solo Movie
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Groot, as you can remember from all the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, is a perfect example of Marvel’s brilliance- they’ve literally created a character that says a single line of dialogue, and everyone loves him! So why is there not a single movie in the works to celebrate this character (and his origins)?


Marvel’s new movie phases ever since the release of Endgame have seen the franchise grow into a much more diverse universe with different characters in Marvel’s ambit getting their own spin-offs, movies, TV series- you name it. But we still haven’t seen Marvel Studios explore the character of Groot in a standalone movie, and it’s about time they do.

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Vin Diesel Hints At Marvel’s Secret Planet X Movie

Groot first appeared in Marvel history in one of its Tales to Astonish issues, namely #13, back in 1960. Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and Jack Kirby are credited with having created the character.

Groot’s addition in Guardians of the Galaxy was quite new to the MCU audience who aren’t that well-versed in Marvel’s comics. Regardless, everyone enjoyed the presence of the character who was the best of buddies with Rocket but was also the subject of the audience’s sadness after his (Groot) sacrifice in the end.

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However, we eventually see a baby Groot grow from a sapling planted by Rocket at the end, and that version of Groot helps take down Thanos at the end of Endgame, a beautiful story indeed.

Vin Diesel, who plays the character, has created what you would call a technical blunder. Diesel’s latest Instagram post just revealed that Marvel is working on a movie based on Planet X, which is Groot’s homeworld. He writes in the caption, along with a picture of Groot-

“So my niece called me and said… thank you uncle Vin for making I Am Groot, haha… the shorts written and directed by the talented Kristin Lepore. It was a blast making, but it’s also a blast watching it with my angels. No wonder Marvel wants to make the Planet X movie. All love. #FloraColossi #AlphaGroot #PlanetX”

Diesel isn’t even being subtle about it, just straight-up revealing that Marvel’s working to make a Planet X movie happen! So Groot fans, while this isn’t a standalone project for the character, it’s the best you can get for now.


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The Supposed Planet X Movie Isn’t Sitting Right With Fans

While Groot as a character is a lovely and adorable being, fans can clearly see that having a movie based around him or his homeworld will just be…boring.

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There’s a lot of love from the younger generation of Marvel fans for Groot who would love to see more of the character (we’re talking kids here). But fans on Twitter seem to be not too interested in watching a movie based on a character that has only one line of dialogue.

Here are some of the reactions from Twitter-


That’s not a bad idea-

If the movie is anything beyond 90 minutes it might get boring-


This user just wants World War Hulk to happen-


Is Vin Diesel cash-grabbing?-

While it is true that a movie solely based on Groot’s character won’t be too entertaining, everyone’s looking past the word Planet X. Groot’s homeworld is literally a planet full of other Groot-like beings named Flora colossi- and maybe they have a lot more to offer than Groot for a full-fledged movie?


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