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Marvel Axed WWE Star Becky Lynch’s MCU Post-Credits Scene Because It Was “too depressing”

WWE star becky lynchs marvel

Marvel Studios has apparently cut a post-credits scene starring WWE’s Becky Lynch from one of its projects. The studio is known for its highly-anticipated post-credits scenes at the end of every film, and it seems that they have decided this particular one should not see the light of day.

Marvels Eternals
Marvel Studios’ Eternals

These short video teasers help audience gain perception of the upcoming MCU projects. It has become a Marvel tradition so that people keep their bums on seats until the very last second of the movie’s runtime.

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Marvel Studios’ Eternals Post-Credits Scene Removed For Being “Too Depressing”

In a report from Fightful Select, a post-credits scene starring WWE’s Becky Lynch has been cut off from the Eternals movie. Directed by Chloé Zhao, Eternals is part of MCU’s Phase 4. Somehow, the source knew that Lynch had a role in the film, and she was involved with Marvel in 2021, but the studio refused to give any comments. The scene was supposed to set up something for a future installment.

Sources from the outlet also confirmed that Lynch might reprise her role in the future, and this particular scene being cut off had nothing to do with her performance. In fact, Marvel Studios was perfectly happy about it.

Eternals Becky Lynch
Marvel Studios’ Eternals

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The concern for axing the post-credits was because it was “too depressing”. Certainly, fans cannot judge something they have never seen. Even Becky Lynch did not make a comment. There is no clear answer as to what Marvel will make use of the deleted clip.

Some fans speculate that Lynch could be playing a gender-bending role of Zuras, a character from the Eternals franchise that never made it to the film. Zuras is a major character in the comics and is one of the founders of Olympia.

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Will Becky Lynch Ever Appear In The MCU?

Becky Lynch Eternals
WWE’s Becky Lynch

WWE’s Becky Lynch will certainly make her debut at Marvel in the future, that’s a fact, and it will be her breakthrough role in the MCU. At the moment, the professional wrestler is focused on ring fights, which might come in handy once she steps up into the world of Marvel heroes.

Chloé Zhao once revealed the Eternals had a much bleaker ending, which explains why the post-credits came off as too gloomy for the emotions. Fans can only hope for an Eternals sequel in the future.

Marvel Studios’ Eternals is available to stream via Disney+.

Source: The Direct

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Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.