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Marvel Zombies: Everything We Know So Far

Marvel Zombies Everything We Know So Far

One of the most awaited shows on Disney+ is “Marvel Zombies’. The show is one of the upcoming projects. The show’s concept is not surprising as the undead episode of “What If…” was well received by the fans. The episode of “What If …Zombies?” reveals what happens to the MCU when Hank Pym comes back from the Quantum Realm. He brings back a virus that affects the infected people and turns them into forever hungry Zombies. 

A Unique Twist: What If- Marvel zombies

“What If… Zombies” gives the characters of MCU a unique twist. It is a complete game-changer for all the Avengers. It is also a bold direction with characters like the undead Scarlet Witch or Spiderman Zombie. That explains why Marvel Zombies are in the limelight now. There are different versions of Marvel Zombies since the Zombies in the comics are very different from those on the show. 

The Release Date For Marvel Zombies: What If...? Marvel Zombies

The streaming device has not given out any information on when the show is going on air. The announcement on Twitter only says streaming soon, which doesn’t shed any light on the expected timeline. It looks like the show is in the early stages of production. That is probably the reason why there are no trailers released as yet. So it seems that the show should be up for release in the next year or so. “What if ?” was announced in April 2019 and on-air on August 11, 2021. Based on this timeline, it could take two years for “What if… Zombies” to reach audiences. 

Star Cast Of Marvel Zombies:What If... Zombies?!

There is no clarity on the Show’s star cast as yet. It will depend on the way MCU decides to approach the storyline. The cast will remain the same if the show takes on the twist of being an alternate version of MCU of the “What if ?” series. Only a few characters survive the fight between Hulk (Marc Ruffalo)and The Scarlet Witch and her army of Zombies.

This allows Ant-Man(Paul Rudd), Spider-Man(Hudson Thames),  and Black Panther(Chadwick Boseman) to escape to Wakanda. In the meanwhile, Zombie Thanos has conquered the country and also acquired the Infinity Gauntlet! Oh No!! Thames and Rudd may have to come back to fight the Zombie army. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that Chadwick will make a comeback.

Storyline Of Marvel Zombies:What If…? Marvel Zombies

There is no confirmation about the storyline path of “What If… Zombies” from MCU or Disney. It may be a spinoff of “What If?” or follow a completely different way. The logo, as the fans will recognize, is that of the Marvel Zombies 2005 series. This series was also written by Robert Kirkman(The Walking Dead). The Zombie virus spreads like fire with the arrival of Sentry(Marvel’s version of Superman). He enters from another dimension and infects all the superheroes at an alarming rate. The situation becomes worse when the Zombies eat up Silver Surfer. A select few can absorb the Power Cosmic, kill Galactus and absorb his abilities as well. That’s wild! A synopsis from the Marvel website states, “the animated series from Marvel Studios reimagines the Marvel Universe as a new generation of heroes battle against an ever-spreading Zombie scourge.” 

A new generation of superheroes Vs. the undead? That sounds like a lot of fun!Marvel Zombies


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