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Marvel’s Avengers Goes on Sale Right Before it’s Gone for Good

Marvel's Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers made quite the waves during its launch back in 2020. Were the waves worth riding? Well, Square Enix was not happy with the game’s launch, and neither were the players. This disappointment made its journey into an official statement when, earlier this year, Crystal Dynamics announced an end to the game’s live-service model. On September 30, the game will officially be off the servers.

As a parting gift, the developers announced a ‘final sale’ – At just $3.99, you gain access to the Definitive Edition of Marvel’s Avengers. This version of the game includes all the DLCs, storylines, characters and more. But is it still worth the money? Let’s find out.

Marvel’s Avengers – Is It Worth Playing Now?

Marvel's Avengers
Marvel’s Avengers Definitive Edition

A franchise as important as Marvel’s Avengers has a standard to maintain. With regular movie releases, comic book updates and a rising fanbase, the games fight to be at the top. There aren’t a lot of games showing off Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to begin with, and Marvel’s Avengers ran out of opportunities to take the crown. Initially, the game launched with a handful of playable characters, repetitive combat and a forgettable narrative.

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Surprisingly, the developers were adamant about keeping the game’s live-service model alive planning future updates, including new characters, maps and narrative direction. Despite the game’s weak foundations, the developers did deliver new content. The Definitive Edition boasts over 400 fan-favourite outfits that reflect Marvel’s eight decades of history. Moreover, these are customizable heroes that bring out your unique taste.

If you’re a Marvel fan who craves a new superhero tale of the mightiest, the newly discounted Marvel’s Avengers might be worth your time and money. It’s a narrative that hasn’t been explored before on screen and a couple of memorable moments and gameplay sequences that you may reminisce (or laugh) about in the future.

Marvel’s Avengers – Why the Shut Down?

Marvel's Avengers
Marvel’s Avengers Definitive Edition

A major reason for the game’s live service being discounted has to do with its player base. Unfortunately, Marvel’s Avengers couldn’t find the amount of players that could have kept things going. We can blame it on the game’s questionable loot and progression loop, but sometimes, great gameplay can overlook such flaws. However, the game’s core gameplay mechanics and world-building simply weren’t good enough to sustain that kind of attention.

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Despite the fall of these heroes, Marvel’s Avengers may just be worth the $4 price tag. After all, the gaming industry is a price-sensitive market, and the shutdown of a deeply hyped game might trigger a few emotions we weren’t ready for.

Will you be picking up the game on sale? Do you have it already? Let us know in the comments!

Source: PC Gamer

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