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Marvel’s Midnight Suns – The Good, The Bad and The Undead Review: Deadpool Says Hi!

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Marvel and 2K have recently dropped their first of four planned pieces of downloadable content for Marvel’s Midnight Suns titled The Good, The Bad and The Undead, with the Merc with a Mouth joining the team, and bringing along with him an entirely new group of enemies to fight, and boy oh boy, is it fun.

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Separate to the main story of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, our imaginatively named antagonist The Hunter comes across Deadpool as he’s attempting to steal a mysterious, powerful artifact for an anonymous yet terrifying client. As it usually does when Deadpool is involved, things go wrong and Deadpool needs refuge. What follows is a short, if not laugh-out-loud funny set of side quests involving stopping Sin (The Red Skull’s daughter) from procuring a powerful artifact in an attempt to remove all weaknesses from a new breed of vampires – sorry, vampyres. This new enemy type is well-needed, as the repetitive nature of the main game becomes increasingly apparent the more you play, with the same small group of enemies regularly at odds with our ragtag group of superheroes.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns – The Good, The Bad and the Undead

Marvel's Midnight Suns

The story won’t set the world alight, a paint-by-numbers affair in truth, but having Nolan North reprise his role as Deadpool is a masterstroke by the developers. Whether it’s Deadpool breaking the fourth wall during the missions or taking him on a nightly hangout, he fits seamlessly into the fold. From his on-the-nose ‘there wasn’t enough budget’ explanation as to why he doesn’t take his mask off, to his gleeful annoyance of the team, especially Blade – as subjective as humor is for any character in any medium, the always immaculately timed amount and regularity of the jokes coming from Deadpool means you’ll be laughing more than you’re not.

With new research items, cards and a gigantic food truck for the Abbey Grounds, Deadpool definitely brings his own sense of style and sense of humor to the game, and unlike some of the other characters, he’s a genuinely useful and powerful character that is a force to be reckoned with throughout the missions, and a funny, fourth-wall-breaking one at that.

Marvel's Midnight Suns

This may be the first of the four pieces of additional content 2K has planned – the others being Morbius, Venom and Storm, but it’s off to a great start, and if the other three follow suit, then the already great game is going to be extended and made all the more re-playable.


8 Out of 10

The Good, The Bad and The Undead was played on a code supplied by 2K.

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Written by Luke Addison

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