Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Impressive Graphics Modes Revealed

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Impressive Graphics Modes Revealed

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is all set to release on October 20 for the PS5. As the hugely anticipated sequel builds excitement among gamers, the graphics modes of the game are out in the open, and Insomniac looks to be making the best use of next-gen hardware with them.

The previous Marvel’s Spider-Man games were some of the first games on the PS5 to have real-time ray tracing, and the Spidey sequel will also feature ray tracing alongside character swapping and fast travel. Graphics modes for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 have been revealed and will be available on day one, adding more to the anticipation of gamers.

The Different Graphics Modes in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will have ray tracing enabled by default.
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will have ray tracing enabled by default.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will have three graphics modes upon launch, and the ray tracing feature will be enabled by default with no option to disable it. According to Mike Fitzgerald, the Director of Core Technology at Insomniac Games, they have the perfect visuals for a brilliant Spider-Man experience. And there is no need for the ray-tracing feature to be disabled. He said,

“There’s no mode of this game that has the Ray Tracing turned off, no need for it. We’ve really figured out how to deliver what we feel like is the right Spider-Man picture and visuals and we want to make sure every player is seeing that.”

The three graphics modes include 4K 30FPS Fidelity Mode, 4K 40FPS Performance Mode, and 4K 60FPS Performance Mode, and all of these modes will support 120 Hz and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), which allows players to have a smooth gaming experience regardless of what mode they go for.

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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has three graphics modes.
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has three graphics modes.

The Fidelity mode will give the best visuals to the players, and the standard 60 FPS Performance mode will give the smoothest gaming experience. Players looking for a great performance and not wanting to miss out on amazing visuals can go for the 40 FPS Performance mode.

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What Should You Choose in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Fidelity or Performance Mode?

All graphics modes will also support 120 Hz and VRR Marvel's Spider-Man 2.
All graphics modes will also support 120 Hz and VRR in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

The choice between Fidelity and Performance modes comes down to each player and what kind of experience they want to have while playing the game. The best choice could be 60FPS Performance Mode, as it will be more responsive, make players’ web-slinging easier, and make fights more iconic, given that they are willing to sacrifice some graphics quality.

One problem that could affect players in 60 FPS mode is that they can experience some lag due to an upscaled resolution of 4K, but it shouldn’t be noticeable unless you’re looking for it. Other than that, 4K 60 FPS Performance mode is the way to go with better visuals and framerates. The performance mode also doesn’t go for 1080p, and with these graphics modes, Insomniac looks to provide various options for players to cater to different playstyles and preferences.

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What do you think of these graphics modes in Spider-Man 2? Are you excited to play Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? Do let us know in the comments section!

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