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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Map Confirmed to be Double That of Its Predecessor’s Already Huge Map, Switchable Spider-Men Confirmed

Ever since 2021 with the announcement trailer, fans have been demanding more information about arguably the most anticipated sequel of the year in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Thankfully, ever since the most recent PlayStation Showcase last week, not only do we have a lot more footage to pour over, the marketing as a whole for the game is starting to go into overdrive.

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During a recent interview with The Washington Post, Creative Director Bryan Intihar had more than a few interesting comments that have stoked the fan frenzy even further.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Confirmed to be Huge!

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Fans of the first game will attest to the fact that it wasn’t a particularly small game. As fun as web-swinging could be, there were plenty of us that fast-travelled from the top to the bottom of the map at least once, purely due to the size of the map. Well, in that interview, Intihar announced that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is not only bigger than its predecessor, something most of us assumed, but it is twice as big!

“In terms of the size of the city, it’s double the size compared to Spider-Man 1… When you play in Queens, there’s much more of a neighborhood feel, smaller buildings, which is why the web wings work so well traversing in that area, where you can swing low to the ground if you want to, or you can fly through.”

The inclusion of new boroughs is only a good thing, and with the above quote specifically mentioning the different terrains involved, it’ll help not only break up the ‘monotony’ of swinging through the city, but it’ll make each individual borough feel distinctively different, something the first game didn’t necessarily manage very well. Intihar also went on to mention Brooklyn’s inclusion, as well as teasing some unique gameplay opportunities.

“Since these two areas are somewhat smaller and residential, I think you’ll find them different from Manhattan. We’ve prepared some unexpected situations we haven’t done before, like a battle on the river between two of the cities, so I hope you’ll look forward to them.” 

One burning question plenty of us have is surrounding the inside portions of the sequel though, as that was a relatively untapped resource during the first game. If Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 map is double the size, does this mean we won’t be venturing inside very much, like the first? Some of the stealth sections as Spidey offered a completely different dynamic to the usual web-swinging, although the sequel can certainly steer clear of any MJ sections, please and thank you.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Will Switch it Up

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As soon as fans saw the gameplay reveal at the PlayStation Showcase, the first question many had was whether or not we’d be able to freely choose which Spider-Man to be, or whether it would be pre-determined by Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, dependant on the required hero at the time. It turns out that it’s both.

“We have content designed around Peter, we have content designed around Miles and we have content where you can play either, you’ll be able to – in the open world – freely switch between them with a simple button press. Being able to switch in the open world so quickly between the two characters is really, really awesome, just being able to pick and choose who I want to play as for a certain activity… it’s been so awesome to have that feature. It’s something we probably wouldn’t have explored previously.”

“When you’re playing the main story, we control when you switch between Pete and Miles… it’s done in service to the story when we’re making those switches, for sure… so, as you saw on that gameplay reveal, which is a segment of the main story, we are pre-determining those based on what we want to do for how the story plays out.”

The gameplay trailer made it clear that both Spider-Men would be playable in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but now knowing we can use either of the two characters at any point in the open world? That’s exciting! It opens a realm of possibilities gameplay wise. Would you rather use Miles unique powers to give you an advantage as you sneak through a hideout? Or Peter and his symbiote suit to smash-and-grab your way to a violent victory? By the sounds of it the choice is yours, and that, we love.

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