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Marvel’s Werewolf by Night Special Currently Sits at Rare 100% Rating at Rotten Tomatoes

werewolf by night

Werewolf By Night has been a highly anticipated special by the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever since Michael Giacchino announced his involvement in the project not just as the usual composer, but as the director of the film. The series had been announced in June 2022 and since then has been creating hype for itself, especially since Marvel shared its first look in September of the same year.

Gael García Bernal
Gael García Bernal in Werewolf by Night

Rotten Tomatoes has been known to show no mercy when it comes to critiquing movies and television series. The film critics take it upon themselves to assure the audience of the most honest reviews for a project whether they may be negative or positive. So what may come as a surprise for many, would be the 100% rating for Werewolf By Night on the site.

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Following The Premise Of Werewolf By Night

Werewolf By Night revolves around its lead Jack Russell played by Gael García Bernal, a werewolf as the name itself suggests and can turn into a wolf on the day of the full moon and two days following that. He later does manage to gain the ability to transfer according to his will but the upcoming film is yet to reveal anything about the same.

Gael García Bernal in Werewolf By Night
Gael García Bernal as Jack Russell

The plot of the film follows the passing of their commander, a clandestine club of monster hunters congregates at Bloodstone Manor to compete in a deadly game for a potent artifact that will pit them against a terrifying beast. So far the film has only revealed a teaser and part of its plot. Director Michael Giacchino had stated upon the announcement that he had never imagined himself stepping out of his comfort of producing and composing music. However, he is more than pleased to be in charge of the project.

Michael Giacchino has previously composed music for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Trilogy as well as Doctor Strange and Thor: Love and Thunder within the MCU. He also composed the music for Robert Pattinson’s The Batman. All of these movies’ have highly acclaimed soundtracks which are can be put on a loop for one to listen to.

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Werewolf By Night Breaking Records For Marvel Even Before Its Release

Werewolf By Night has managed to already bag a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes which makes it the MCU’s highest-rated project yet. This slot was previously held by Black Panther with a rating of 96%. The film has not only broken a record for Marvel, but it has also made its spot with the rare few projects that received this rating.

Fans who had been ecstatic about the movie were further overjoyed after Rotten Tomatoes revealed the rating for the film.

“A love letter to classic monster horror films with a little bit of Marvel sprinkled in — and it is fantastic. Marvel took a big risk adding something so unique into the middle of Phase 4, but it really pays off.”

Critics went out of their way to praise the classic horror telling of the movie and how the fact of it being a Marvel movie makes it even better. So far Marvel has tried a lot of different things with their Disney+ projects, all having ranging reviews, some more positive while others are negative. Wandavision has been Marvel’s first risk with something new and the way the audience responded was enough for the MCU to not stop trying.

Werewolf By Night will start streaming on Disney+ from 7th October 2022.

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Source: Rotten Tomatoes

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