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Marvel’s “WHAT IF…?” Trailer Released

The trailer for the highly anticipated WHAT IF…? series was finally revealed along with a release date of August 11 of this year.

The trailer begins similarly to how the MCU began. With Tony Stark riding in a military convey. The convey is attacked and Tony is saved at the last moment by Erik Killmonger, portrayed in the movie Black Panther by Michael B. Jordan. The series is the first animated entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will follow the same premise as the comic series it’s adapted from.

The comic series, which was originally published in 1977, follows an alternate reality showcasing how major events and characters in Marvel MIGHT have played out if things had happened differently. The trailer is filled with recognizable locations and Avengers; however, each of them on a different path than they took in the MCU. We see T’Challa as Star Lord, Peggy Carter as Captain Britain (or “Captain Carter,” as she calls herself in the trailer), The Guardians of the Galaxy at the The Attack on New York, and Captain America and Iron Man as zombies.

At one point in the trailer the text reads, “This August.” Followed by, “Enter the Multiverse.” Marvel seems to be leaning heavily into the concept of the Multiverse as a major part of the MCU moving forward. It has played a significant role in the Disney+ series Loki and upcoming films Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness and Spider-Man: No Way Home are expected to center around the Multiverse, as well.

Fans will notice characters like Howard the Duck, The Watcher, Loki, Yondu, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, and so many more. Check out the trailer below and then watch it again to try and see everything!


Written by Joshua Ryan

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