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What if Season 2: 10 Ways It Should Be About Netflix’s Marvel Universe

What If…? is an animated anthology series created by A.C. Bradley based on Marvel Comics. The series is Marvel Studios’ fourth TV series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The series explores alternate timelines in the multiverse and moments from MCU films. The Avengers broke box-office records in Endgame, but Marvel’s street heroes faced an endgame of their own on Netflix. As the first season of What If…? circles around the magnanimous Marvel heroes, it can still come up with more.

So here are some of the interesting sets for the next season of What If..?

1. Marvel shows are set in the same world as the movies, but they are taken on a more personal level. The heroes aren’t necessarily going after the Earth-threatening supervillains but could be seen going against each other.

The Stories of masked vigilantes at witching hours.

2. It can be imagined that someone would eventually hire Jessica Jones to investigate Tony Stark. In this case, Tony would probably have paid her a lot more to work for him. In Jessica’s case, it would have been a match made in heaven.

Jessica Jones interrogating Tony Stark.

3. The one where Avengers, Dr. strange, Wonk, the Wakandan army, and many other heroes are fighting against Thanos has everyone except The Defenders. Imagine the kind of action if they were in the fight along with The Avengers.

Lining up within the same timeline.

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4. With Daredevil and Spiderman synchronizing with their deeds, it seems fair to find a connection. We haven’t seen their connection as the neighborhood heroes, yet. But with season 2, we might.

Daredevil with Spiderman for fighting neighborhood crime.

5. HAMMER Industries and Justin Hammer are mentioned several times. This is the same Justin Hammer we saw in Iron Man 2. Among all Netflix shows, Luke Cage probably has the most connections to the films. To see them together in the next season of What If..? would be a dear diary moment.

With the long parallel history to finally see Iron man and Luke cage together.

6. At a time in the ’70s when American pop culture was in love with Kung-Fu, Shang-Chi was released as a comic book at the same time as Iron Fist. Iron Fist could be reintroduced as a character with Shang-Chi alongside his fellow martial arts master.

The Shang-Chi’s Cameo with Iron Fist.

7. The MCU may not allow it to happen, but the multiverse could make it possible. The team eventually came to rely on Luke Cage’s skills. The lack of his involvement in the MCU was quite disappointing.

Luke Cage as a new Avenger member.

8. The Punisher now seems to be a serial killer. Netflix’s Punisher was a lot more complex and relatable sometimes than Marvel’s original Punisher. After leaving so many bodies and causing so much damage in New York, it’s surprising that the Avengers failed to find him.

A fine-line fate separating a hero and a villain.

9. Daredevil versus Captain America would make for a thrilling showdown. There would be nothing better than Captain America taking on Daredevil. A Wolverine and Daredevil crossover would be great, too, in any form.

Captain America against Daredevil in season 2 of What If..?

10. All the shows and movies by Marvel revolve around the same year of the New York City alien attack. There should be a conclusive compilation; to finally connect the dots for MCU.

New York City attack. All In One- Inclusively.


Written by FandomWire Staff

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