Masashi Kishimoto “Originally wanted to do a Seppuku scene” for One Badass Naruto Character Who Can’t Even Do Ninjutsu

Masashi Kishimoto almost killed a Naruto character in teh most brutal way possible.



  • The battle between Mifune and Hanzo was very unpopular among Naruto fans.
  • Yet, Masashi Kishimoto kept it and Kobayashi admits to loving it.
  • However, Kishimoto claims that he was inches away from making Mifune commit seppuku.
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You might think Naruto only consists of ninjas, but that is not true. In the enigmatic world of ninjas created by Masashi Kishimoto, a clan of samurai also co-existed. These samurai and their leader were one of the toughest people since they survived without ninjutsu.


Yet, when Masashi Kishimoto tried to focus on the characters, he received a lot of backlash. Kishimoto held one such character dear to heart but almost gave him the worst treatment in Naruto.

Spoiler Alert !!!
Naruto spoilers ahead

Why Masashi Kishimoto Added a Battle of an Unpopular Character

Mifune | Naruto | Studio Pierrot
Mifune | Naruto | Studio Pierrot

The Fourth Shinobi World War arc was one of the most intense arcs in Naruto. It is not only a devastating scenario for the shinobi, but the arc also gave Naruto firsthand experience of war and its implications.


In the middle of this serious arc, Masashi Kishimoto featured the battle of a character, who quite frankly, went unnoticed by fans. Mifune is a samurai warrior who was pitted against Hanzo. Unlike his comrades, Mifune stood proud and was willing to sacrifice himself to save the others.

Mifune Vs Hanzo in Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto
Mifune Vs Hanzo | Naruto | Studio Pierrot

During the battle, Mifune was poisoned but still didn’t give up. This made Hanzo acknowledge his faith and strength and left after giving Mifune the antidote for the poison. This scene is generally considered pretty useless by fans as the main characters were nowhere to be seen.

The battle between Mifune and Hanzo was pretty unimportant as Mifune is an extremely minor character and the battle felt detached from the rest of the story. Fan reaction was as expected and Mifune never became popular. Kobayashi on the other hand thinks that Mifune is extremely cool if he could survive in a ninja world without knowing ninjutsu.


Mifune Was Almost Forced to Commit Seppuku in Naruto

While the Mifune Vs. Hanzo battle never became popular with Naruto fans, both Kobayashi and his show’s director loved it. In an interview, Kobayashi comments that he loves the part in the battle when both characters keep thinking of their past while fighting in the present.

Mifune defeats Hanzo | Naruto | Studio Pierrot
Mifune defeats Hanzo | Naruto | Studio Pierrot

Masashi Kishimoto then made the most shocking statement, admitting that he originally wanted Mifune to commit seppuku. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, seppuku is a form of punishment that was practiced among the feudal Japanese samurai. Samurais would take their own lives by stabbing themselves in the abdomen with a sword, and it was considered honorable.

Kishimoto must have thought of this scene since Mifune was a samurai, and rather than dying at the hands of Hanzo, seppuku would have been more honorable. Thankfully, Kishimoto decided against it at the last moment because it would have been too harsh, considering the fact that Mifune is after all an old man.


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