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Matrix 4 Theory: There’s A Second Matrix – Original Matrix Trilogy Movies Were All A Simulation

Another day, another wild Matrix 4 theory graces the internet. And this time, it comes with a vengeance. The Matrix Resurrections is one of the most anticipated movies worldwide. The return of Neo and Trinity along with the franchise has started off a chain of rumors and theories. This Matrix 4 theory though hits it out of the park. This theory states that there is another Matrix. Two Matrix simulations run atop each other. And that the events of the first three Matrix trilogy movies were fake. The events of the movie, basically what this theory says is, never happened!!

How true could this theory be? Let’s find out.

Matrix 4 Theory – A Matrix Within Another Matrix

Matrix Within A Matrix

Numerous theories have come up to explain why Trinity is still alive in the Matrix. But This Matrix 4 theory gives an eloquent and simple solution. The cult-classic Matrix movies are known to flip the script and make the viewers question everything by the time the credits roll. And this second Matrix simulation theory fits right into that philosophy. The Matrix Resurrections, if this Matrix 4 theory is correct, could lead to a whole world of questions for fans of the franchise. It certainly blew us away and we are pretty sure it will blow you up too.

A Second Matrix Exists?

Now let’s get to explaining the Matrix 4 theory. The theory states that the Architect and the Machines never relied on a single level of the matrix. They knew humanity would eventually figure out that the Matrix is not real. So they created another Matrix simulation built atop the original one we saw in the Matrix Trilogy. This second Matrix was for all the “liberated” humans who escaped to the city of Zion and fought the machines for taking back control. The second Matrix kept any freed human in check that escaped the first simulation. That would mean Zion, the war with the machines, and literally every event that happened in the original matrix trilogy movies were just a digitally fabricated lie.

In the real world, they never happened.

What’s The Proof To Support This Matrix 4 Theory?

The Matrix Reloaded

There is plenty of evidence in The Matrix Revolutions that support this theory. Neo‘s The One powers allow him to control everything in the Matrix simulation. But how come he was able to destroy the Machine Sentinels in Revolutions. While trying to enter Machine City, neo uses his powers to destroy a sizeable number of Sentinels from a distance. How come his powers work outside the Matrix? That should not have been possible in the real world but only in the Matrix. A similar phenomenon happens in Matrix Reloaded. neo disables Sentinels using his powers.


Another concrete proof is how Agent Smith was able to enter the real world. He takes over the human body of Bane, which technically and Agent program should not be capable of doing. Even after Bane blinds Neo, he was still able to see the digital essence of Agent Smith in Bane’s body. This would mean that Agent Smith never came to the “real world”. He just transferred his code from one Matrix to another Matrix. That would also explain how Neo was able to see digital code as well as control other machines. Neo was never free so to speak. He was always in the Matrix to begin with.

Matrix Resurrections Will Show Humanity’s True Resurrection From The Second Simulation

Humanity’s Resurrection

The Machines explain that the free city of Zion is nothing but a “pressure valve” for humans that have rejected the simulation. But what if these exceptions and isolated incidents where humans reject the first Matrix are just put into another simulation that closely resembles the actual world? The second Matrix is for dissidents and non-believers of the Matrix code who are kept captive in a more deceptively realistic simulation. The machines are playing on humanity’s innate skepticism to keep them captive.

Machine City

The Architect explains that the Matrix is on its sixth cycle. The first five were destroyed after the human population grew too big to control. The creator of the Machines casually admits that machines have literally total control over the fate of humanity via the Matrix. That would mean this matrix 4 Theory about Zion just being another Matrix is not too far-fetched a proposition and is actually possible.

Neo – Matrix 4 Theory

In the aptly titled The Matrix Resurrections, Trinity’s code (who only died in the original Matrix and not in the second simulation) was copy pasted into the original matrix to create a lookalike. Neo will eventually find out that everything until now was a lie perpetrated by the machines to keep humanity docile and tamed. Matrix Resurrections could see humanity. for the very first time, breaking through the second Matrix simulation and stepping onto the real world, led by Neo.