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Matrix 4 Trailer Breakdown: 14 Epic Reveals & Story Details You Missed

Matrix 4 shows new faces, reveals epic new details, and gives off more than we could chew. Let us unravel the Matrix 4 trailer secrets for you.

This Is A New Matrix

At the end of Matrix Revolutions, Neo hatches up a truce with the machines. The humans will be allowed to leave the simulation and live a life of freedom in Zion. We see Neo within the Matrix in the final moments of  Revolutions. The Matrix in Resurrections is a bleaker version of San Francisco. It is clearly a newer version that is still green and under development.

Blue Pills & Black Cats

The trailer shows Neil Patrick Harris’ office with a Black cat and blue pills on his desk. The Black Cat was the first glitch Neo spotted in the Matrix. Blue pills signify obedience and compliance in Matrix lore. In the book shelf in the back ground, Steven Pinker’s Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature could be seen. This further proves Neo is denying his true purpose.

Neo Seems “Triggered”

The term “triggered” is used to mock people who are thought to have taken offense over a simple jab or comeback. Lana Wachowski is clearly trying to subtly show the bird to the right wing critics who wanted her to not have anything to do with Matrix 4. That’s a very real possibility.

The Assassin’s Eyes Show The Matrix Code

This is a blink and you miss it scene. An assassin is seen firing a gun at Neo. If you look closely, you can see the guy’s eyes are flashing the Matrix code. This could be a new feature within the upgraded Matrix. It could allow for the Matrix to directly take over inhabitants without the need for Agents.

Bullet Time Returns

Bullet Time is the greatest contribution of Matrix movies to the world of action cinema. The trailer shows Neo using Bullet Time, clearly confirming he will regain his powers in Matrix 4. It is nice to see Matrix Resurrections has not diluted bullet time. The air ripples from the original 1999 movie still look the same in 2021.

The Machines (Probably) Saved Neo

The truce in revolutions was supposed to end the fight between the machines and humans. But looks like Neo failed. The machines are back and in increasing numbers. Neo sustained quite a bit of lethal injuries in the third Matrix movie. The Matrix 4 trailer showed how he his body managed to survive. The machines brought The One back. But for what reason?

Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit Theme Song Is A MASSIVE Clue

The song clearly suggests that Neo, deep down, knows he is in a simulation. It is some kind of a placebo world. The song’s name – White Rabbit, is clearly a reference to the “Follow the white rabbit” line from the original Matrix movie that helped free Neo from the simulation.

Trinity & Neo Do Not Recognize Each Other In The Coffee Shop

When Neo & Trinity meet each other in the Coffee Shop, the two do not recognize each other. This could mean that the Matrix has reset them both and all their past memories are gone. Neo 7 Trinity are basically strangers who never met before in Matrix 4.

Matrix 4 Changes Its Social Commentary Focus

The Matrix 4 trailer hints at his focus on new social commentaries. The movie will focus on trends like data privacy, over reliance of humans on technology, and reduced human contact and expression as its themes. Human reliance on technology maybe how the new Matrix simulation intends to control humanity.

Is Priyanka Chopra The Adult Sati Or The New Oracle? (Is She Both?)

Neil Patrick Harris’ character wore blue spectacles. Priyanka Chopra’s character wears red spectacles, further hinting at her actual role. Chopra is most likely an adult Sati, who rebooted the Matrix in Revolutions. In Matrix 4, since she’s playing Sati, she might as well be the new Oracle.

Neo Is In The Matrix Because He Wants To Be With Trinity

Yahya-Abdul Mateen tells Neo that “the only thing that matters to you is still here“. Maybe that’s why Neo returns to the Matrix in Matrix 4 as Thomas Anderson. Trinity is dead but she still exists somewhere within the Matrix. This may also mean Trinity is a mere program. Neo is running after a mirage.

Machine City’s Still Thriving In Matrix 4

Revolutions never ended hostilities between the humans and machines. The Matrix 4 trailer shows Machine City, also known as 01, still using huge towers rife with human battery pods connected to the Matrix. This means the machines either went back on their words or humanity did, forcing them to retaliate in kind.

Neo’s The One Powers Have Changed

Instead of warping reality, Neo now seems to be using some kind of glow to use his One powers. And somehow those powers are connected to Trinity, activating only when she is in close proximity. Matrix 4 shows us a new Matrix simulation. So maybe the One’s powers have also upgraded.

Jonathon Groff Could Be Agent Smith Or The New Architect

Groff is presumably playing the main villain in Matrix 4. Fans speculated he is playing Agent Smith in a new avatar since Hugo Weaving is not a part of the movie. But many claim Groff’s blue tinted hair aligns with the Red Pill-Blue Pill trope of the Matrix. He could be playing the Architect.