Matt Damon Does Not Like Cheap Tears But He Is Not Ashamed to Admit That He Got Extremely Emotional on First Day of Good Will Hunting

Even a seasoned actor like Matt Damon couldn’t hold back his tears while filming with Robin Williams!

Matt Damon Does Not Like Cheap Tears But He Is Not Ashamed to Admit That He Got Extremely Emotional on First Day of Good Will Hunting


  • Matt Damon’s notable role in Good Will Hunting earned him an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.
  • Both Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were in tears watching Robin Williams and Stellan Skarsgård on camera.
  • Damon was filled with immense joy watching Williams and Skarsgård's performances.
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Renowned actor, writer, and producer, Matt Damon, has cultivated a varied and thriving acting career that has spanned several decades. Gaining prominence through his notable role in Good Will Hunting, which earned him an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, he has consistently captivated audiences with his adaptability and skill. The actor got extremely emotional while filming Good Will Hunting.

Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting
Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting

In the film, Matt Damon portrays Will Hunting, a troubled yet brilliant janitor at MIT with an extraordinary mathematical talent. His character grapples with personal demons while forging an unexpected friendship with his therapist, played by Robin Williams. Damon’s compelling performance earned him an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

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Matt Damon Cried On The Very First Day Of Filming

Matt Damon got emotional during the inaugural day of shooting. Facing the camera were Robin Williams and Stellan Skarsgård, as Damon and Affleck observed from the sidelines. It marked the beginning of their journey, a pivotal moment that set everything in motion.

Matt Damon expressed that certain occurrences can catch us by surprise, and witnessing the realization of a particular event was one of those instances that seemed improbable. Observing not just actors, but specific actors, deliver the lines that they had written was a profound experience, evoking a blend of emotions, including joy, disbelief, relief, and gratitude. 

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting

Damon told GQ:


“Sometimes those moments sneak up on you. And that was another one of those moments we never thought was going to arrive. To see not only actors, but those actors, saying the stuff that we wrote, was like…fuck. Just, I guess, a mixture of joy and disbelief. And relief. And gratitude. That would probably be it. That was a really nice moment. I’m not ashamed to say it.”

According to Matt Damon, his recollection was that both he and Ben Affleck were in tears. He acknowledged the subjective nature of memory and suggested that for a more accurate account, one would need to inquire directly with Affleck. Additionally, he recalled placing his hand on Affleck’s arm while a group of individuals was engaged in conversation.

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Matt Damon And Ben Affleck Were Impressed By Kevin Kostner’s Gesture

Kevin Costner took on the leading role in the sports fantasy drama Field of Dreams, sharing the screen with notable figures such as James Earl Jones and Ray Liotta during that period. Portraying the character of Ray Kinsella, an Iowa farmer, he embarked on the unconventional journey of constructing a baseball field amidst his cornfield.

Kevin Costner
Hollywood star Kevin Costner

During a specific sequence, Costner and Jones were captured at a baseball match, which required the recruitment of thousands of extras at Fenway Park, the renowned baseball stadium of the Red Sox. Notably, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were among the masses, marking their initial appearance in a feature film without receiving any credits. 

Damon said during the Dan Patrick Show:

“Costner came out and hung out with the extras. And Ben and I went and struck up a conversation with him. And he probably gave us five minutes. He was incredibly generous with his time.”

Their day at the stadium became even more memorable when Costner generously dedicated time to the extras, making the experience even more fulfilling for the budding actors. 


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