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Matt Damon Reveals Tom Cruise Fired His Safety Personnel For Asking Not To Do a Death-Defying Stunt On His Own

Matt Damon and Tom Cruise have been starring in iconic action films for years. Damon has played Jason Bourne in the Bourne series, and Cruise has played Ethan Hunt in the Mission: Impossible films. Now, Tom Cruise’s action-packed Top Gun: Maverick is on track to smash box office records and become Cruise’s highest-grossing film.

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Top Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise
Top Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise

However, the performers take quite diverse ways to complete feats. Tom Cruise is well-known for being the actor who performs all of his own stunts. Matt Damon, who has his own action franchise with the Jason Bourne films, hasn’t put his life on the line quite like Tom Cruise, but he does have a terrific narrative about how Tom Cruise does it.

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Tom Cruise fired his safety guy who asked him not to do a deadly stunt

Matt Damon Reveals Tom Cruise Fired His Safety Personnel
Matt Damon

Matt Damon discussed performing stunts on the Bourne movies during an interview, and how he didn’t have to and didn’t necessarily want to, do all of them himself. Even if he did, there are personnel and protocols in place on set to prohibit actors from performing things that are deemed too risky. As a result, Damon once asked Tom Cruise how he was able to execute his own stunts like ascending the Burj Khalifa in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, and Cruise responded that he had to make certain adjustments in order to accomplish it, such as replacing the guy who wouldn’t allow him.

“I talked to Tom Cruise about it about 10 years ago, about the one in Mission: Impossible where he ran outside the building, where he ran down the side of the building. I was like, ‘Can you explain how that happened?’ The way he explained it he goes, ‘Well, I went to the safety guy. I’d been dreaming of this stunt for years and I went to the safety guy and I explained what I was going to do and the guy said it was too dangerous.’ He goes, ‘So I got another safety guy.'”

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Tom Cruise received praise from critics
Tom Cruise

We are pretty sure that no person who is reading this would be surprised considering this massive amount of love Tom Cruise has for his stunts. Even in his recent flick Tom Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise nailed a near-impossible aerial stunt. The sequence required Tom Cruise to fly below 50 feet at a whopping 600 miles-per-hour, a feat John Kosinski doesn’t think will ever be done in a movie again.

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