Matt Damon Risked Shattering His Body to Become ‘$100 Million Human Weapon’: “We had to work…without breaking him”

Matt Damon Risked Shattering His Body to Become '$100 Million Human Weapon': "We had to work...without breaking him"

Matt Damon’s physique in the Bourne series is a sight for sore eyes. Anyone who knows Damon knows he puts in a lot of effort when it comes to his physique. Especially when it comes to his Bourne series, he is full of vim to build up the desired physique. 

Matt Damon at an event
Matt Damon at an event

In the 2016’s installment of the Bourne series, the actor was transformed into a human weapon and had to undergo extensive training to attain the physique. 

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Matt Damon went through 4-week high-intensity training for the movie Jason Bourne 

Matt Damon in Jason Bourne
Matt Damon in Jason Bourne

Matt Damon’s body has inspired individuals throughout the Bourne series. People applauded not only for his acting but also for all of the action scenes and the physical presence the 52-year-old had built for the film. His physique was considerably better appreciated in the film Jason Bourne, and the actor worked very hard to achieve it. His makeover reportedly is described as a $100 million human makeover.

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The Courage Under Fire actor went through a high-intensity training program to achieve the desired body for the movie. He followed the heavy-weight metabolic training program recommended by renowned trainer Jason Walsh. He is also the owner of Los Angeles’ Rise Nation. Trainer Walsh recalled training Damon for the movie and said, “We had to build Matt from the foundation up.”

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Trainer Jason Walsh said Matt Damon was ready for the extensive training 

Matt Damon at an event
Matt Damon at an event

Walsh also trained Damon for the film The Martian. Damon’s hard training program was remembered by the famous celebrity trainer. He also praised the Air actor for his dedication and commitment. Walsh recalled Damon’s training process and said,

“Bourne’s an efficient killing machine. He looked like he had been doing a lot of street fighting and stuff like that. So that was the look we went for. Now the training that we did for Bourne was intense. But was Matt ready for it? Oh, yeah. His body was strong, resilient. All we needed to do was have fun.”

Walsh also said they had to work on Damon’s mobility, flexibility, and strength while they were getting him in proper shape for the film. Just like many other people, they started with the basic aspects for Damon, Walsh said, “We had to work on this in order to load him without breaking him.” The fitness trainer also talked about how quickly the actor got increased his strength due to constant training, he said,

“He loved Bulgarian split squats. And those were really good for him because they helped him with mobility, but they also helped with strength. Try it. It’s a huge demand on the lungs and the metabolic system.”

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This wasn’t the first time he’d put in so much effort for a physical transformation. The actor shed 40 pounds to play a drug addict in his film Courage Under Fire

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