Matt Damon’s Mom Convinced Him To Reject 2006 Christian Bale War Drama To Star In A Major $65M Box Office Bomb That Nearly Tanked His Career

Matt Damon's Mom Convinced Him To Reject 2006 Christian Bale War Drama To Star In A Major $65M Box Office Bomb That Nearly Tanked His Career

The lives of many Hollywood superstars are reported with multiple romantic relationships over the years, and some or the other controversies surrounding them. But rarely do we see a star, let alone one as big as Academy Award winner Matt Damon, regarding their relationships with his parents. Over the years, the actor has been vocal about how his mother shaped him to become the man he is today.

Matt Damon along with his mother Nancy Carlsson-Paige
Matt Damon along with his mother Nancy Carlsson-Paige

And with the influence that his mother had on him while growing up, he was able to become one of the biggest stars in the industry. But apart from his early days, Mrs. Paige still tries to make good decisions for her son when she feels the need to, like the time when she advised Damon to decline a physically challenging role in a film that turned out to be a flop at the end.

Matt Damon’s Mother Stopped Him From Doing Rescue Dawn

Christian Bale in a still from Rescue Dawn

While many famous personalities of the Hollywood industry might be connected to the business from a young age in some form or the other, Oscar winner Matt Damon was born in a middle-class household with his mother being a professor at Lesley University, and his father, Late. Mr. Kent Damon, having been a stockbroker. Therefore, all that he had to make it big in the cinema industry was his talent to act while growing up, which has now proven to be one of the best seen.

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Even now, when he has become one of the top names in the world of entertainment, he still knows the value of his mother’s advice. The same motherly advice saved him from doing Werner Herzog’s war/drama film Rescue Dawn, which despite being critically successful, couldn’t perform well at the box office. During an interview, the Jason Bourne star recounted the time when he asked his mother what she thought about the role that eventually went to Christian Bale. He said:

“I remember talking to my mother, and my mother said ‘You don’t always have to go into the jungle and lose a bunch of weight, you’re allowed to have fun.’ And I did the Farrelly Brothers movie [Stuck On You] and that was where I met my wife. Four kids later, that was a pretty fateful decision,”

While he was saved from one box office bomb, he became part of another with the 2003 Farrelly Bothers comedy film Stuck on You. Still, he’s grateful to his mother, as he met his wife Luciana Barroso on the sets of that movie.

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What Was Rescue Dawn About?

A still from Rescue Dawn
A still from Rescue Dawn

The war/drama Rescue Dawn is a movie that pins the characters, as well as the audience, against a battle that demands them to keep the flame of hope alive in their hearts till the last moment of the movie. It is a tale of a German pilot Deiter Dengler, who serves the US Military in hopes of receiving citizenship in America. During his assignment to illegally bomb Laos in the Vietnam War, his plane is shot down and he’s taken captive. Here, he endures hell on earth, all in the hopes that he’ll be rescued one day.

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Rescue Dawn, streaming on Prime Video.

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