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Matt Reeves The Batman: Five Candidates For Joker

Five Candidates For Joker

It’s almost time everybody, Matt Reeves The Batman is only two months away (March 4, 2022). I’m sure just like myself that we’re all excited about this upcoming project. Of course, there’s always going to be skepticism but let us all be hopeful! Remember Mr. Mom (Michael Keaton) was a badass Batman, Patrick Verona from 10 Things I Hate About You (Heath Ledger) turned out to be a fan-favorite Joker. No matter what, every Batman film brings out the best in certain actors. Matt Reeves isn’t pulling punches when it comes to villains, but there’s one character that has fans chomping at the bit – Joker. Will Joaquin Phoenix reprise his role in Reeves’ universe? Who else will play Joker? Is Joker even in this movie? So many questions, so few answers. For now, let us have fun and list some candidates that could make a terrific Joker.

reeves joker

Here we go!

willem reeves

I don’t care, I repeat – I don’t care that he’s the same age as my dad. This man is normally on the top of everybody’s list for Joker, and for good reasons. Dafoe has the acting chops, even constantly outperforming the leading actors. His wacky facial mannerisms alone already put him in the lead of other actors but the key for many actors is chemistry. Yes, chemistry, that’s what Dafoe and Pattison have shown in their movie The Lighthouse. It would make a great reunion to see these actors pitted against one another again as hero and foe. Check this scene out if you don’t believe me.

mcavoy reeves

Diverse, charming, and underrated. These are the words that come to mind when discussing McAvoy. A man that manages to constantly fly under the radar. Yet, time after time this man is on point in his capabilities as an actor. While not being a few years older than the leading star (Robert Pattison), he would make a perfect nemesis and it doesn’t hurt that he has familiarity in acting in comic book films. In order to get a better idea of how far McAvoy can go in range as an actor, especially as the main antagonist – check out this scene of his in the movie Split.

carrey reeves

This is the wild card on the list, and Carrey was not chosen because he’s a living breathing Looney Tunes character. Maybe that would be the number one reason for him on this list if the upcoming Batman was full-on campy. No, I call this the Uncut Gems and One Hour Photo treatment. Placing comedic-based actors into disturbing atmospheric roles that majority of the time bring out the best performances in their careers. Jim Carrey working alongside Matt Reeves has the potential to bring audiences the most terrifying live-action Joker. A version of the Clown Prince of Crime that’s similar to the Unabomber. Since Reeves is taking a lot of inspiration from true crime cases and crime-noir films.

rockwell reeves

Sam Rockwell aka “The Chameleon” because that’s exactly what he is in the business! If you haven’t noticed the pattern of all my choices, it’s range. That’s the word of the day folks, and that’s key for any great thespian, especially for playing Joker. Rockwell is a great, if not fantastic actor but his x-factor is the ability to blend into every role. While not absorbing all the attention away from his fellow cast members. Rockwell could very well be a dark horse in casting.

mackay joker reves

As the youngest actor on this list and being younger than Robert Pattinson, I still find my choice the most fascinating out of all of the actors. I’ve always been interested in seeing a younger Joker, and it would be even more interesting to see a Joker much younger (Mackay is 29 years old) than Batman (Robert Pattinson is 35 years old). Mackay’s acting credentials are all there from some great performances in movies – 1917, Captain Fantastic, and True History of the Kelly Gang. A creepy, young lanky-Joker would be a welcomed addition to Matt Reeves The Batman.

In conclusion leave in the comments section on Facebook who you would like to see as Joker, and let me know if you agree with my choices. The Batman releases to select theaters on March 4, 2022!

Written by Barry Buzzkill

Woah, he writes!