Matt Rife Lands in New Controversy, Tells 6 Year Old His Mom Buys Presents With OnlyFans Money

Comedian Matt Rife's comment on social media spark a new controversy and draw online criticism

Matt Rife Lands in New Controversy, Tells 6 Year Old His Mom Buys Presents With OnlyFans Money


  • Matt Rife comes under fire for controversial comments to 6 year old
  • Matt Rife replies to a 6 year old's criticism and tells him about his mother's OnlyFans
  • Social media criticizes Matt Rife for attacking a young boy and reprimand him for his comments
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Comedian Matt Rife has once again landed in the heat of a controversy stemming from his recent Netflix special Natural Selection. Rife previously caused a stir on social media for joking about domestic violence in his special, which certainly ruffled some feathers as the comments did not sit right with some viewers.

Matt Rife
Matt Rife

Matt Rife recently replied to a 6-year-old commenting on his jokes about women from the Netflix special. However, these comments once again caused a backlash against the comedian. As a result, fans of Matt Rife must be wondering what exactly he said and why his comments have landed him in a fresh controversy.

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Matt Rife’s Comments to a 6-Year-Old Cause Backlash

Matt Rife’s Natural Selection was released in November 2023, and the comedian came under fire for his jokes about astrology and domestic violence aimed at women. A 6-year-old boy commented on Rife’s jokes through a video posted by his mother, Bunny Hedaya’s TikTok page.

Matt Rife in Natural Selection
Matt Rife in Natural Selection

In the video, the young boy replied to Matt Rife’s jokes from the special. He criticized the comedian for being mean to women. Rife allegedly replied to the video and jokingly claimed the boy’s mother buys his presents with money earned from OnlyFans.

“Jupiter also has [a] ring. OH!… and Santa [Claus] isn’t real. Your mom buys you presents with the money she makes on OnlyFans. Good luck.”

Matt Rife’s comments caused a stir online when Bunny Hedaya posted his reply to the boy’s video on Instagram and TikTok. The 6-year-old’s mother refuted Rife’s claims about OnlyFans and asked the comedian to accept that people might like women for their personalities.


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Fans Criticize Matt Rife on Social Media

In her video, Hedaya accused Matt Rife of instigating an online feud with her 6-year-old son. The original video criticizing Rife’s reply posted on TikTok has garnered over 13 million views. Netizens are also reacting unkindly to Rife’s comments, particularly for targeting a 6-year-old.

Social media users posted positive comments favoring Hedaya and her son, highlighting the comedian’s controversial statements. “Matt Rife is behaving more like a six-year-old than an actual six-year-old. Love it,” one user commented on the video. “Watching Matt Rife destroy his own career has been such a treat,” said another user.


While Matt Rife’s original comment has been deleted, the comedian is no stranger to controversy. In November 2023, Rife’s special Natural Selection was heavily criticized on social media for his comments on domestic violence. In response to the criticism, Rife issued a mock apology to the viewers on his Instagram.

In his Instagram story, Rife posted a link to his “apology,” which redirected viewers to a mental health website. Rife mocking viewers with his faux apology further fueled the controversy surrounding his jokes on sensitive topics. Moreover, by commenting on a 6-year-old’s video, Rife has kept the controversy hot.


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