Matthew Lillard’s: 15 Interviews That Prove Why He’s Our Favorite ’90s Guy

Matthew Lillard’s Interviews are always a delight to watch. Matthew is perhaps most famous for his role as Shaggy Rogers in the 2002 live-action Scooby-Doo movie. But he is also surely underrated too. Matthew Lillard has played some of the most iconic characters like Stu Macher in Scream. Matthew Lillard became a meme during one of his Scooby-Doo interviews a few years back. In most of these interviews, he was just his goofy self. Below is the list of Matthew Lillard’s Interviews That Prove Why He’s Our Favorite ’90s Guy.

1. When Matthew Lillard Was Describing The Audition Process For The Role Of ‘Shaggy’

2. You’ll Surely Love Matthew’s Views About Love At First Sight.

3. When He Described The Taste Of Scooby-Doo Snacks. Those Expressions Are So Hilarious!

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4.” No, I’m Not The Best!” – Says Matthew Lillard

5. When He Shared About His Audition Process For ‘Scream.’

6. Once He Started Reading The Notes Of An Interviewer, Which Was Hilarious!!!

7. When Matthew Accidentally Flipped Off Jonathan Ross

8. Matthew’s Response To Being Shirtless In A Movie Is So Funny. Matthew Being Shirtless In A Movie!? This Can Definitely Become A Reason That We Love Him So Much!

9. Once He Knocked Over A Signboard In An Interview, And Even The Interviewer Laughed So Hard!

10. Matthew Lillard ‘A Singer, Actor And A Dancer.’ According To Me This Is What A Multitalented Person Looks Like! Or You Can Also Call It As A Triple Threat!

11. A Moment When Matthew Had Nothing To Say In An Interview.

12. In An Interview, Wes Craven Told Matthew Lillard That One Day He Will Win An Academy Award For Sure!

13. Once In An Interview, He Had No Idea Who Jonathan Ross Was! And That Moment Was Filled With Awkward Silence Which Then Turned Into Audience Breaking Into Laughter!

14. This Was The Sweetest Gesture When Matthew Lillard Climbed Over A Table And Gave A Warm Hug To The Interviewer. This Was Literally An ‘Aww Moment’ and one of the reasons that Matthew Lillard Is Our Favorite ’90s Guy

15. It Looks Like Matthew Lillard Loves Long Walks On Beaches, And Most Of Us Will Definitely Relate To Matthew. Indeed He Is Our Favorite ’90s Actor!

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