Matthew McConaughey’s Exodus’s Alien-like ‘Silicate’ Race Sound Like Something Straight Out of a Horror Movie, and not the Kind You’d Want on Your Side

Players in the new sci-fi RPG Exodus will fight against Celestials.

matthew mcconaughey’s exodus


  • Exodus was announced at the 2023 Game Awards, featuring a scattered humanity and advanced threats from ancient beings called the Celestials.
  • The Silicates in Exodus are rare and mysterious entities that can merge with humans to create powerful beings known as Daemons.
  • Exodus, with its space and exploration mechanics, has drawn comparisons to Mass Effect.
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At the 2023 Game Awards, Matthew McConaughey revealed Exodus – a new sci-fi RPG from Archetype Entertainment. Archetype has been sharing updates on its website as well as on social media, and it has recently revealed concept art and details about a mysterious alien race called the Silicates through its website on the 21st of May.


In Exodus, humanity is scattered across the galaxy and faces deadly threats on countless planets. The biggest danger comes from the Celestials, the first humans to reach Centauri. These ancient beings have evolved beyond humanity, becoming a lot more advanced and dangerous. 

What Are the Silicates in Exodus?

Elise, one of the companions you will encounter in Exodus.
Elise is one of the companions you will encounter in Exodus.

Not much is known about the Silicates, except that they’re extremely rare. According to the information shared by Archetype Entertainment on their website, their origin is not known, or even if they are truly alien. Their true power comes from humans who can merge with them, creating a being known as a Daemon.


This merger transforms a human into a super-powered entity. Although, the process is dangerous and not everyone survives the transformation. Those who do eventually become Daemons are feared by the Celestials and seen as humanity’s last hope thanks to their strength, speed, and healing factors.

But this power comes at a cost, as the humans who created the Daemons must deal with the alien creature’s unknown purpose and morality. It’s a high-risk, high-reward type of situation. Exodus promises a rich narrative experience where player choices have significant consequences.


Players will play as the Traveler, voiced by McConaughey, who is dubbed as the last beacon of hope for humanity. As the Traveler, you’ll have to make tough decisions that will affect the story and the fate of your crew. The game features a unique time dilation mechanic, where certain actions like traveling between different planets will cause time to pass differently for the Traveler.

Apparently, your crewmates and other characters will age, grow old, and sometimes even die if you’re not careful with your travels. It is aimed to be an RPG where your choices matter, and have many consequences for you, your crewmates, and the world that you explore.

Exodus Has a Few Connections to Mass Effect

Mass Effect 5 is currently in development at BioWare.
Mass Effect 5 is currently in development at BioWare.

Exodus is being developed as a third-person shooter with a strong focus on genuine and natural exploration. You’ll go through and explore various alien landscapes, each with its own dangers, flora and fauna, and secrets as well as encounter hostile creatures, characters, and challenging environments that will test your skills.


This sounds a lot like Mass Effect right? Fans have made comparisons between Exodus and BioWare’s Mass Effect series, which is not surprising given that former BioWare lead developers are leading Archetype Entertainment.

Both of these games share themes and gameplay mechanics of space exploration, moral choices, and a diverse cast of characters and companions.  However, one way this game aims to set itself apart is with its time-dilation mechanics, and more intense and horror-like vibe. Matthew McConaughey’s involvement brings star power to the project, and his distinctive voice make him a perfect fit for the role of the weary Traveler. 

Are you excited for Exodus? What do you hope to see in the game? Let us know in the comments!


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