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“May we never experience his like again”: Ray Fisher Triumphantly Celebrates on Twitter as Walter Hamada Exits WB, Fans Demand Solo Cyborg Movie in Future

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Ray Fisher’s cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as Victor Stone was exactly six years ago, the very next year he made his official DCEU debut as Cyborg in the not-so-well-received Justice League. But one of the positives of his debut was that critics liked it, and so did fans!

The stars were aligning for the 35-year-old star who was just making a mark in the movie industry, and his portrayal of Cyborg was met with applause from fans too. But a string of controversies and feuds between Fisher and Warner Bros. has strained the progress of his career, and now with the departure of one of his main problems, he’s celebrating!

Ray Fisher FandomWire
Ray Fisher

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What’s Ray Fisher’s Deal With Warner Bros?

To explain why Ray Fisher is in complete disgust at his employers, we’re gonna have to backtrack to 2020 when all the drama started.

Ray Fisher FandomWire
Ray Fisher as Cyborg

Ray Fisher’s feud against his employers began when he called out Joss Whedon, as well as producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg’s treatment of the Justice League cast in a tweet where he described their behavior as “gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable.”

One thing escalated into another, and Warner Bros. decided to launch a third-party investigation into the matter. Just a few months later, Fisher tweeted that DC Films president Walter Hamada called him up to forgive Johns in exchange for punishing Whedon and Berg, an offer which Fisher declined.

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Warner Bros stated that this never happened, further claiming the Cyborg star was not cooperating with the investigation, to which Fisher epicly replied with proof that he had indeed met with the investigator. He followed this up with an interview where accused Whedon of altering the skin tone of a character, among other racism accusations.

A much more personal agenda against Walter Hamada for Fisher began after the DC Films president gave an interview with The New York Times about his work. Fisher would tweet about it, saying that Hamada was “the most dangerous kind of enabler”. He also asserted that he would not work with the film exec anymore.

Having an actor giving off an amazing amount of negativity toward your company is not a good look. WB eventually punished the True Detective actor by completely removing his character from an appearance in The Flash!

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Walter Hamada’s Gone, And Ray Fisher’s Happy

It seems like Ray Fisher has something to celebrate this weekend. Walter Hamada has left Warner Bros after serving the company for 15 long years, four of those years as President of DC Films.

Ray Fisher FandomWire
Ray Fisher as Cyborg

He had already signed a contract to keep him as DC Films president in January 2021 that would extend his stay till 2023. He is set to be the fifth WB studio exec to leave ever since David Zaslav was appointed CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery.

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Ray Fisher must’ve been elated upon hearing the news, and he is! The 35-year-old actor recently tweeted about Hamada’s departure-

Just like him, his fans are celebrating Hamada’s departure, with some even demanding a movie for his character Cyborg! –

Full support! –


If Man of Steel 2 can happen so can this-

The demand is rising-

WB has still stood firm with their decision to cut Cyborg out from the upcoming The Flash movie, which paints a bleak future for Fisher’s character in the DCEU, let alone a solo movie for Cyborg.

Justice League is currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

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