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“Maybe he’s just a bit f**king rude”: James Corden Plays Victim Again By Accusing Black Adam Star Pierce Brosnan of Shoving Him Aside, Fans Claim Doctor Fate Dished Out Karma

james corden pierce brosnan

There are tons of celebrities who somehow always tend to be at the very epicentre of scandals and feuds, and James Corden happens to be one of them. From being involved in weird situations with other celebs to being accused of indulging in unsophisticated behaviour, the English comedian has probably done it all.

James Corden
James Corden

It also goes without saying that the evidence points out to James Corden being the bad guy in majority of such incidents that have taken place. But apparently that wasn’t the case with one particular situation, wherein the 44-year-old claimed he was at no fault whatsoever.

James Corden recalled an embarrassing incident with Pierce Brosnan

In one of the episodes of The Late Late Show that featured Khloe Kardashian, the Gavin and Stacey actor found himself in an awkward situation while playing the game of ‘Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts.’

During the game, James Corden had to either give away the name of one celebrity who had been impudent to him or drink bird saliva. Not wanting to do the latter, Corden finally acquiesced after some hesitation and a little nudge from the socialite’s side and opened up about a humiliating encounter he had with the actor who plays DC’s Doctor Fate in Black Adam, Pierce Brosnan.

Corden revealed that he had ended up getting in a rather uncomfortable situation with Brosnan at a U2 gig and how the Irish actor had been impolite to him. “I don’t think he’s a rude man, he just happened to be [to me],” the host of the talk show said.

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Pierce Brosnan voiced Dr. Fate in Black Adam (2022).
Pierce Brosnan

The Carpool Karaoke host recalled how Brosnan and his friends were trying to leave the show in the middle so he had tried to make way for them. “So me and my wife moved into this are,” Corden said in reference to the aftermath. “And literally, I’ve never felt anything like it, this arm went on here and just pushed me out the way.” 

To top it off, the James Bond actor didn’t even spare him a look, which only made Corden more upset. “And I looked at him, and he didn’t even glance at me and he just moved back into his area. Maybe he’s just a bit f***ing rude,” he retorted.

It looks like he now knows what it must feel like to be on the other end of his interactions.

Doctor Fate fans take a hit at James Corden

Pierce Brosnan earned a lot of acknowledgement recently, thanks to his brilliant character of Kent Nelson which won the hearts of the audience in an instant. And the same fans are now backing the actor in the light of the event that James Corden talked about.

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Doctor Fate Pierce Brosnan Black Adam
Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate

Not only are fans supporting Brosnan, they are also being absolutely outspoken about their dislike toward Corden, claiming that the television host simply got what had been coming to him since a long time.

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Some are even appreciating Brosnan for being rude to Corden and pointing out the fact that at least that way the latter would realise his own mistakes.

Just recently, The Wrong Mans star got caught up in yet another controversy as he faced backlash for being inappropriate and extremely rude to the waiter staff at a highly popular NYC restaurant. And he thought Brosnan was being rude to him. Corden definitely has a flair for the dramatics, that’s for sure.

Source: Mirror

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