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‘Maybe I should revisit him’: Robert Englund Teases One Last Return to Stranger Things as Victor Creel in Season Finale

The Duffer Brothers’ series, Stranger Things, has made life difficult for fans since its 3-year delay. Adding to that was the suspense of having to wait a complete 34 days period before Season 4 of the series released it’s Vol 2, thus breaking its previous records of always launching all episodes in a single day. Continuity then becomes an issue for binge-watchers.

Stranger Things 4
Stranger Things 4

However, all of that takes a backseat when one realizes the force and caliber with which Stranger Things made a comeback. With a whole new monster, one that is literally made of nightmares, the wait becomes worth all the fussing and the complaining. As Vol 2 draws closer, the cast members drop hints as to who is making a comeback from the highly acclaimed Vol 1.

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The Two-Pronged Problem of Victor Creel and Vecna

The appreciation for the series season 4 goes to not just the amazing direction or the four-part narrative running parallel to each other. It also goes to the concept of bringing an antagonist to the story with a tragic origin story, a sense of what his motives are, and why he targets certain kids and does not mindlessly kill random teenagers for sport, unlike the other monsters that came before him.

Stranger Things Season 4 villain, Vecna

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Victor Creel is intrinsically connected to the plot and even though he has served his purpose by revealing how to save a victim from Vecna’s control, it does not quite feel that his role is complete. As with most killers who begin from their early childhood, there is a connection to the family they are brought up in, be it foster, adoptive, or their own. And with a tether remaining to that period representing innocence, purity, or naivete, the killer/antagonist usually cling on to it — either to snap that tether off for good or because they hope they are still worthy of that innocence or filial love.

Victor Creel's family
Victor Creel’s family moves into Hawkins

With Vecna, that already two-pronged problem becomes even more dichotomous. There is no question of Vecna returning back to his human life. There is, although, a certainty that he wants to kill the family he was made a part of by Dr. Brenner. However, if his biological father, the first survivor of his attack, makes an unwarranted comeback, Vecna’s reaction to that could either be indifferent or catastrophic, Either way, it would be worth the watch.

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Robert Englund Teases a Comeback in Season Finale

What does Robert Englund bring to the table that makes him so noteworthy to the Stranger Things cast and creators? The 75-year-old actor had played an unforgettable role as one of Hollywood’s most famous villains — Freddy Kreuger. Created by Wes Craven for the supernatural horror series, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Kreuger is the spirit of a child killer who is burned to death by the parents of his victims.

Stranger Things cast Robert Englund
Robert Englund

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Resembling Vecna closely in terms of plot, modus operandi, and appearance, Robert Englund plays the perfect victim of Vecna’s curse as he already had enough experience under his belt as the once terrifying villain. When speaking of Vecna’s ultimate goal and whether he plans to return to kill Victor, the actor stated:

“I don’t know. You know what I realized is, because I just finished watching the whole entire season 4… But there’s a moment when Nancy is in the sort of red upside down… There’s a voiceover there, and (Vecna) talks about me. ‘Old Victor. Oh, I haven’t seen old Victor in a while.’ … He says, ‘Well, maybe… I’ve been so, so busy. But maybe I should revisit him or something.’

So, I don’t know what that means. I don’t know if that’s just the writing reaffirming to the audience the relationship between the two, you know?… Or if it means that he’s got to come back and kill me, you know? Or he wants to relish my death because as a father, I let him down. That I had been responsible and I’m a hypocrite, like he says to Eleven.”

Victor Creel
Victor Creel

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Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 2 will air on Netflix on July 1, 2022.

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