“Maybe she was thirsty”: Jo Koy Tries to Wiggle Out of Taylor Swift’s Death Stare as Golden Globes Host’s Joke Fell Flat

Jo Koy's attempt to make a joke at Taylor Swift's expense failed to evoke any laughter but was met with a deadly glare by the pop icon.

Jo Koy Tries to Wiggle Out of Taylor Swift’s Death Stare as Golden Globes Host’s Joke Fell Flat


  • Jo Koy's joke about the NFL's embrace of Taylor Swift visibly left the singer unamused.
  • Fans of the pop icon didn't take too kindly to Koy's joke as fans on the internet piled up on the comedian.
  • But it wasn't the only joke that didn't land, as the whole opening monologue was lambasted by viewers online.
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Jo Koy’s attempt to pull off a Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes didn’t exactly pan out the way the host intended. While Gervais, who was no new to making the audience laugh at the celebrity’s expense, often succeeded in even getting the celebrities to chime in on the fun, Koy’s joke didn’t quite land with Taylor Swift.


Taylor Swift, who attended the Award ceremony at the Beverly Hilton following her nomination in the Cinematic and Box Office Achievement category, was less than thrilled by Koy’s joke. But while there were no smirks, the comedian did receive a deadly glare from the Pop Icon, which has taken the internet by storm.

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Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Jo Koy on Taylor Swift’s Death Stare to His Unamusing Joke

While making jokes at celebrities’ expense is quite unanimous in both Golden Globes and the Oscars, some jokes don’t always end up evoking the reaction the host aims for. Although, fortunately, there were no slaps involved this time, the death stare from Taylor Swift still managed to do severe damage, as the whole internet piled up on Koy’s underwhelming monologue.

“The big difference between the Golden Globes and the NFL is that at the Golden Globes, we have fewer camera shots of Taylor Swift.” Said Koy.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift | Golden Globes

Reflecting on the viral moment of Swift staring at Koy while sipping her drink after he took shots at Swift for NFL’s regular cutaways to the singer during the games, the comedian said,

“Maybe she was thirsty? Maybe she just needed to drink the champagne.”

But it wasn’t only the Shake it Off Star who was left displeased, as Jo Koy also got the Swifties engaged, who didn’t take kindly to the Haunted Mansion‘s joke.


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Jo Koy | Golden Globes
Jo Koy | Golden Globes

Fans Online Didn’t Take Kindly to Jo Koy’s Joke

Since the beginning of his stint, Jo Koy was walking on thin ice as almost all of his jokes were falling flat, and the joke on Taylor Swift, followed by her death stare, was just the last nail in the coffin. Although Koy tried to brush it off later, the damage was already done, as fans on the internet blasted the comedian.



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jo koy
Jo Koy

While the joke about Taylor Swift evoked the biggest reaction from fans online, Koy’s opening monologue as a whole did little to salvage the trainwreck. Furthermore, fans are going as far as to deem The Monkey King Star’s opening monologue the worst in the Golden Globes’ 81 years of history.

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