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“Maybe someday”: Spider-Man Star Elizabeth Banks Wants To Jump Ship To DCU for Catwoman Movie

"Maybe someday": Spider-Man Star Elizabeth Banks Wants To Jump Ship To DCU for Catwoman Movie

Elizabeth Banks is a well-known American actress and filmmaker. Banks has established her successful career in both fields. Banks is known for her excellent acting skills which are evident by her appearance in multiple hit movies like The Hunger Games film series, Pitch Perfect film series, Charlie’s Angel, and much more. Including her successful movies as an actor, Banks has not disappointed fans with her directing skills either. Recently Banks revealed that she pitched to direct Thor: Ragnarok, to join Marvel once again but was never contacted back.

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Elizabeth Banks
Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks’s Bid To Join Marvel Again

Banks have featured in the original Spider-Man trilogy. Banks played the role of Betty Brants. Elizabeth Banks’s character plays a minor role in Sam Raimi’s movies. She has appeared in all original Spider-Man trilogy. Thus it can be inferred that the Banks will always remain connected to Marvel. 

In a recent interview, Charlie’s Angel star revealed that she pitched to direct the hit movie, Thor: Ragnarok. Banks stated that she pitched to Marvel to direct her version of the Thor sequel. Yet it looked like no one ever contacted Banks back and Taika Waititi took the command to direct one of the best Marvel movies. To date, only four female directors have been approved by the studios to independently control the command of the movie. 

“And nothing ever happened. A call was made. No one called me [back]. Taika Waititi got the job. Rightfully so.”

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Elizabeth Banks as Betty Brant
Elizabeth Banks as Betty Brant

Elizabeth Banks’s Pitch to DCU After MCU

It looked like Thor: Ragnarok is not the sole superhero movie that Banks has pitched for. Banks revealed that she also pitched Catwoman to the DC studios as a director but it is highly unlikely that she will get the job under the new leadership. James Gunn, the new co-CEO of the DC studios, has already announced his plans for the upcoming DCU and it looks like there is no room for Banks’s Catwoman. 

Banks has been directed by Gunn in the 2006 movie Slither. But it looks like Banks’s past connections are not bringing any fruitful results to fulfill her present dream to direct superhero movies. Banks shared about her pitch to DC which to hasn’t been accepted by her story. 

“I had a pitch for a Catwoman movie a while ago, but I don’t think it’ll fit into the mandate right now. But maybe someday.”

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Elizabeth Banks Failed pitches of Thor and Catwoman
Elizabeth Banks Failed pitches of Thor and Catwoman

Despite making efforts, it looks like Banks still needs to wait a little longer to finally get a chance to direct superhero movies. Banks will soon be seen as a director of her upcoming action-comedy film titled, Cocaine Bear. The film will be released on February 23, 2023.

Source: Variety

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