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“Maybe they’ll switch me out for Pedro Pascal”: Spider-Man Spin-off ‘El Muerto’ Starring Bad Bunny Not Moving Forwards as Movie Reportedly at Standstill

bad bunny, el muerto and Pedro Pascal

A Spider-Man spin-off called El Muerto has reportedly been in the works for quite some time. However, although it was initially expected to release in January 2024, there haven’t exactly been any proper updates of it anywhere. Now in a disappointing turn of events, Rapper Bad Bunny, aka, Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, who was supposed to headline the movie based on this iconic Spider-Man villain, said in an interview that the movie is quite at a standstill at this moment. Now although he did try to catch himself and make light of the situation later, fans are wondering if the project will ever truly see the light of day. 

Bad Bunny, Puerto Rican rapper, actor, wrestler
Bad Bunny, Puerto Rican rapper, actor, wrestler

Although it was initially hyped as Marvel’s first Latino lead movie, on both the acting and directing front, now questions about whether it truly will be completed or even whether Bad Bunny will still be headlining the movie are popping up. Fortunately, there hasn’t been any official announcement of the movie being canceled or even postponed so fans are still hopeful to be able to watch this new spin on the Spider-Man franchise. 

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Bad Bunny’s Marvel debut with El Muerto

Bad Bunny’s publicist revealed in an interview with TIME, that the Spider-Man spin-off is currently “at a standstill.” This seems like concerning news as the release date for El Muerto has already been made public as January next year. Fans were appropriately excited about it as even though it is a Spider-Man spin-off, the character has enough backstory and biography involved that even the need for a Spider-Man feature might not be required at all. 

Bad Bunny at Bullet Train premiere
Bad Bunny at Bullet Train premiere

According to the magazine, during the casting, Bad Bunny thought the role of the villain El Muerto, aka, Juan-Carlos Sanchez the “perfect” fit for him with his established WrestleMania career, as the character happens to be a wrestler as well. In fact, the Rapper claimed that his WrestleMania debut was, “the best day of [his] life.” As such, the news of a possible postponement is disappointing for fans. 

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Bad Bunny’s El Muerto at a Standstill

Sony’s Spider-Man spin-off is not only the first movie with a Latin lead, but the movie is also expected to be directed by Mexican director Jonas Cuaron, which is also a first for Marvel. And as excited as Bad Bunny himself was to play this character, it seems he is pretty disappointed about the movie’s stagnant situation. According to TIME, the artist initially tried to wave the question off by pretending to be confused. 

Bad Bunny at the Billboard Music Awards
Bad Bunny at the Billboard Music Awards

However, he later revealed that the filming has still not started even with the release date approaching fast. He also joked, “Maybe they’ll switch me out for Pedro Pascal.” As a result, although his publicist did correct themself by changing his comment from “at a standstill” to “in development,” it does not really bear good news for the movie. 

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Hence, rumors of a potential postponement have started floating around. Although fans are expecting it to come out after Madame Web, the question of how long the wait will be has started creating doubts in their minds. As there has not been any official announcement yet, it would be interesting to see if they can still maintain the original release date. 

El Muerto is expected to arrive at the theaters on January 12th, 2024.

Source: The Direct

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