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“Maybe we should make a movie and find out”: M3GAN Director Gerard Johnstone Wants To Do an ‘M3GAN vs Annabelle’ Movie To See Who Wins

Gerard-Johnstone M3GAN

After working on horror comedies like Housebound, Gerard Johnstone introduces his version of a killer doll in M3GAN. The film which is set to release in 2023, features a robotic companion for kids, called M3GAN. However, things take a wild turn and the robotic doll ends up being the biggest nightmare for the film’s characters. While M3GAN would not be the first film featuring an evil killer doll, critics believe that the the film has potential to stand out in the genre.


And the director even seems ready for a faceoff with one of the evil dolls, Annabelle. In his recent interview, the director and producers of the M3GAN discussed if their version of the Android could win over the haunted doll, Annabelle.

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Gerard Johnstone Looking Forward to M3GAN vs Annabelle

Gerard Johnstone’s M3GAN features a robotic doll developed by Allison Williams’ character, who is a roboticist at a toy company. She develops a lifelike doll based on artificial intelligence for her niece, who lost her parents in a car accident. However, things do not go as planned as the doll becomes overly protective and homicidal for Cady.

A still from M3GAN
A still from M3GAN’s trailer

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gerard Johnstone and the film’s producers discuss whether the Android would be able to compete with the evil and haunted doll Annabelle. Everyone had their own opinion on the subject.

While some believed that M3GAN being a robot would be helpful for her to defeat Annabelle, others believed that she would not survive in front of Annabelle’s supernatural powers. The M3GAN director also claimed that M3GAN may have a hard time defeating the possessed doll.

He said “Who would win in a fight between M3GAN and Annabelle? Well, I guess because Annabelle’s a demon, maybe she would win.” He then shared that he would like to make a film with both dolls to find out the results.

Gerard Johnstone
Gerard Johnstone

“Maybe we should make a movie and find out!” Johnstone said. While he wanted M3GAN to have a faceoff with Annabelle, Jason Blum had his own idea with another evil doll.

Blumhouse Productions’ CEO said, “I thought you were going to say, “[who would win] between M3GAN and Chucky.” He shared that the Android might not be able to defeat Annabelle, but she could easily win against Chucky. Allison Williams also rooted for the robotic doll as she said that with the help of “worldwide web” M3GAN could win anything.

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The Inspiration Behind M3GAN’s Viral Dance?

While the film has been in discussion since its trailer release, one specific thing went viral on the internet. The trailer of M3GAN features a dance sequence by the title character.

It did not take long for it to go viral. People are using the image of the Android as memes and they have also been sharing their own version of the M3GAN dance.

Gerard Johnstone's M3GAN
Gerard Johnstone’s M3GAN

The director of the film Gerard Johnstone shared the inspiration behind the dance moves saying, “Wouldn’t it kind of be funny if the soundtrack suddenly became real and M3GAN ended up busting a move to whatever music was playing?”

He shared that the idea was one of the “crazy, sleep-deprived, 3 a.m. thoughts.” Allison Williams shared that they were planning to distribute memes as a promotion for the film.

However, the dance sequence went viral to an extent that they had never imagined. The Housebound director already has plans for a sequel to the upcoming film.

M3GAN is set to release on 6 January 2023.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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