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MCU: 12 Underrated Characters Who Deserve Much More Appreciation

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe is gearing up towards its fourth phase, the conclusion of the Infinity Saga has laid a few iconic characters to rest while paving the path for exciting new characters and stories with remarkable potential. Having introduced some of the seminal characters from the comics, the MCU didn’t shy away from bringing a few beloved supporting characters to the big screen. However, these characters were unfortunately sidetracked and overlooked despite playing a crucial role in saving the world. Here are 12 underrated characters from the MCU who deserve much more appreciation.


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12. Happy Hogan

jon favreau is open to directing another movie for marvel what do you think it should be social

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Played by Jon Favreau himself, Happy Hogan is the former chauffeur, bodyguard, and close confidante of Tony Stark. Despite his jovial and exuberant exterior, Happy Hogan played a crucial role by always staying beside Tony Stark to prevent him from pursuing a destructive lifestyle. While Stark’s death affected everyone, we can only imagine the toll it must have taken on Hogan. With Stark gone, Happy Hogan can finally use his years of experience to mentor a young Peter Parker as he becomes the next best superhero in town.

11. Wong

MCU Wong

A perfect blend of humor and resourcefulness, Wong is the hero we need but not the one we deserve. Despite being overshadowed by the Sorcerer Supreme, Wong is the solid foundation upon which the fate of the mystic arts depends. Assembling thousands of allies from Wakanda, New Asgard, alongside an army of wizards on short notice to overturn the battle against Thanos is not a small feat.


10. Korg

MCU Korg

His super durable hard exterior is in contrast to his extremely sweet and soft personality. Voiced by Taika Waititi, Korg is the friend everyone deserves to have. Having believed in Thor during their imprisonment in Sakaar, Korg became the much needed emotional support the God of Thunder needed during his time of need. Even gods suffer setbacks but with Korg as a friend, things are much better.

9. Edwin Jarvis

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Introduced in Avengers: Endgame, Edwin Jarvis was the closest confidante of Howard Stark. As Howard was charged with treason after the Second World War, Jarvis aided him to clear his name with help from Peggy Carter. Edwin Jarvis also played a crucial role during Tony Stark’s childhood, which explains the formation of J.A.R.V.I.S. as Iron Man’s trusted AI system.

8. M’Baku

MCU M'Baku

Having introduced initially as an antagonist, M’Baku redeemed himself by saving King T’Challa from his imminent death after his duel with Killmonger. The temperamental leader of the Jabari clan is a strongman who also has a soft and caring side to him. His strong ethics and iron will make him a valuable ally who deserves much more appreciation than he gets.


7. Maria Hill


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It’s not an easy job to win the trust of Nick Fury Jr. with such effortless grace. Played by Cobie Smulders, Maria Hill is one of the top agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which is not an easy feat by any means. Her genius intellect, exemplary courage, and unshakeable loyalty make her the most resourceful person the Avengers need to save the world.


6. Drax the Destroyer

Introduced as a bloodthirsty character hellbent on getting revenge for the murder of his wife and daughter, Drax the Destroyer is one of those few characters who has developed remarkably over the course. From his fixation with vengeance to becoming a valuable team player even under distress, Drax surely needs much more screen time than just being comedic relief.

5. Mantis

MCU Mantis


In a universe filled with heroes who possess destructive powers, Mantis stands out for her power of empathy and compassion. As a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Mantis is often used as a plot device to develop other characters. While that might not be as attractive and flashy as Iron Man’s blasters or Thor’s bolts of lightning, her empathy is something the world sorely needs to recognize as the most important power to inherit.

4. Rhomann Dey


One of the few cops you can actually rally behind, Rhomann Dey is the reason why Thanos was not able to get his hands on the Power Stone for such a long time. Despite disagreeing with the way the Guardians operate, Rhomann Dey was able to recognize the heroes inside them and trusted them with protecting Xandar from Ronan the Accuser.


3. Talos

MCU Talos

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The post-credit scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home is possibly one of the most interesting and vital scenes that has complicated the history of the MCU by introducing Talos. As it was revealed that Talos has been impersonating Nick Fury Jr., it is now unclear how many other characters have been impersonated by the Skrull general. With Kevin Feige currently developing a Secret Wars movie, Talos is expected to play a crucial role in the future.


2. Darcy Lewis

MCU Darcy Lewis

Played by Kat Dennings, Darcy Lewis represents all of us in a world filled with superheroes and literal gods. Her impulsive nature and snarky attitude was a much-needed relief in the drab and forgettable two Thor movies. Despite not being an accomplished scientist like Jane Foster or Erik Selvig, Lewis can quickly notice anomalies with her sharp and keen observations. But most importantly, she humanizes the MCU with fearful reactions to other-worldly events, which the other characters seem to accept without any hesitation. After her long absence from the MCU, Darcy Lewis is confirmed to return in WandaVision. Also, it would be fun to see her reaction when she realizes that the ‘Mew-Mew’ (Mjolnir) was destroyed by Hela.

1. Peggy Carter

MCU Peggy Carter


Arguably the most important character in Marvel history who paved the path for S.H.I.E.L.D. and also the Avengers in some way, Peggy Carter deserves the world. A level-headed woman with a distinct personality, Peggy Carter deserves much more than to be recognized as Steve Rogers’ love interest. Having founded S.H.I.E.L.D. after losing the love of her life, Peggy Carter is single-handedly responsible for preventing the world from falling into the hands of HYDRA for so many decades.

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