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MCU: 5 Best Non-Canon Couples Based On Ranker

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a lot of characters, both heroes and villains. With this vast selection of people, the MCU has established several popular love teams, such as Thor and Jane Foster, and Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. But some fans have other ideas, and they have come up with an unofficial non-canon MCU couples.

Ranker has a poll that resulted in fans’ most favorite non-canon tandems. These characters have great chemistry, and they work so well with each other. Giving them the chance to be something more would make a good story. While romance isn’t something extensively explored within the MCU, having love teams can add a little excitement.

Drax And Mantis

Guardians of the Galaxy Drax Mantis

Fans have already witnessed the unspoken connection between Drax and Mantis. They are both bizarre and sometimes, oblivious, but these qualities bring them together. Their scenes even make the most hilarious parts of the movie.

Drax may have said that he finds Mantis unattractive. While we don’t normally say that to people we love, it’s a great thing to know that when one falls in love, it is because of who they are and not what they look like.

Natasha Romanoff And Maria Hill

Black Widow Maria Hill MCU

Two of the best SHIELD agents, Natasha and Maria had a long history of working together. In the movies, they did not seem to have many moments in one frame. But, it is safe to say that they both have a lot in common: they don’t like when their male colleagues act immature and absurd.

Working together will definitely bring them closer, and will get to know each other’s backgrounds. Besides, they are indeed the original badass women of MCU.

Peter Parker And Shuri

Peter Parker Shuri MCU

There is a potential that Peter and Shuri will develop into a love team. They are both science geniuses, and they certainly have a passion for building and inventing things. Despite not meeting officially, there is no reason why they won’t get along.

While Peter is a bit funny at times, Shuri has a sense of humor that will absolutely match his. Now that the young scientist will take up the lead in the upcoming Black Panther film, they will have many opportunities to meet in the future.

T’Challa And Okoye

Black Panther Okoye MCU

It would have been a very controversial love team, but T’Challa and Okoye becoming a couple is a possible idea. He is the King of Wakanda, and she is the right-hand and General of the Dora Milaje. Together, they can build a stronger foundation and defense for their country.

While this is very unlikely to happen now that T’Challa is gone, it was still an intriguing choice of a tandem.

Wanda Maximoff And Clint Barton

Wanda Maximoff Clint Barton MCU

While Clint is married and Wanda has lost Vision, both of them have an undeniable connection. They were former enemies in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but, over the years, they have become great friends.

While they actually dated in the comics, they have a deeper bond in the movies. Clint helped her get through the loss of her family, and when she finally joined the Avengers, he was there to support her.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.