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MCU Blade Reboot Must Copy THIS From Snipes Trilogy

The upcoming MCU reboot of Blade must copy this ONE thing from the Snipes trilogy. Who isn’t waiting for Blade to show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Remember the time when Mobius mentioned vampires in the Disney+ series Loki and how crazy we all got? Well, that’s Marvel for you. While there is no surprise that the Studios will not disappoint us with Blade, it still needs to add one from the Snipes trilogy. Check out the article for the newest developments.

MCU Blade Reboot Must Copy THIS From Snipes Trilogy

MCU Blade should copy one factor from Snipes trilogy
MCU Blade should copy one factor from the Snipes trilogy

One thing that really upsets us is that there has not been much information about the upcoming reboot. So far, we know that Mahershala Ali is playing the titular character. Moreover, Bassam Tariq has been confirmed as the director. One really apt thing that the director said was that Blade will not be restricted to the content of Marvel Comics. Now, this is something that was noticeable in the Blade trilogy that began in 1998 led by Wesley Snipes.

How Blade Differs In Movies From Comics

Mahershala Ali as Blade in MCU's Blade
Mahershala Ali as Blade in MCU’s Blade

In the trilogy, as Tariq said, Blade had a lot of differences from his comic counterpart which somehow worked in the character’s favor. For example, in the movie, his biggest weakness is his insatiable need for blood. But in comics, his weakness is red sunlight. Another major change that the movie brought in the character was his costume. Originally, Blade had a much more colorful outfit, but in the films, he was made to wear a sleek black outfit.

MCU Blade reboot announced by Kevin Feige
MCU Blade reboot announced by Kevin Feige

Now, MCU’s Blade needs to allow for one more change. In the comics, Blade is British as he is born in England. Just like how Snipes’ Blade didn’t adhere to this story, Ali’s Blade should also be given the freedom to make the character his own, with his American accent. One simple reason for this is having Ali speak for the character will make it sound and look more organic.

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Written by Deepak Vasisht