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12 MCU Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

As Harry Potter fans, we have always enjoyed sorting ourselves into Hogwarts houses. This curiosity has often been extended to other franchises of Hollywood whose popular characters have put on the Sorting hat. MCU is the most commonly found names in this game. However, sorting the Marvel heroes and villains is different from sorting Harry Potter characters. Nearly all the Avengers share loyalty traits and have more complex characteristics than bravery and smartness. Where do you put someone loyal, courageous, but also clever and resourceful? That’s why everyone has a different opinion while placing MCU heroes. Find out the 12 Marvel characters who are sorted in Hogwarts houses.



spider man civil war

Spider-Man aka Peter Parker is swinging from Gryffindor to Ravenclaw and vise-versa most of the time. His fearlessness in the face of danger at such a young age reminds us of Harry and his Gryffindor gang. However, let us take a moment to acknowledge Peter’s genius mind and how he reflects Tony Stark. That kind of brilliance, loyalty, and willingness to help others makes it easy to sort him into Ravenclaw.

Scarlet Witch


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The Slytherin house would be more than happy to have Wanda on their table. Like a true Slytherin, Scarlet will fight against all odds to protect her loved ones. She is immensely loyal and might end up wreaking havoc on the world just to be with her family. The latest show “WandaVision” has highlighted nothing if not that.

Black Widow

black widow

The first house that comes to our mind when we think of Black Widow is often Slytherin. Plenty of fan groups and websites have sorted her in that house. However, if we look at her closely, we’ll realize how wrong she is perceived. Yes, Scarlet is clever and secretive but above all, she is hardworking and puts others before her needs like a Hufflepuff. Throughout half her life, Black Widow has tried to clear off her red ledger and do the right thing. She has no interest in coming across as a hero for glory. Saving mankind was part of her job and she served that with dedication.


Doctor Strange


This one’s not a head-scratching puzzle. Anyone who has come across Doctor Strange will instantly get a Ravenclaw vibe. Stephen Strange used to be a condescending doctor displaying Slytherin qualities. But being sorted into Ravenclaw would unleash his true potentials. He could make his transformation from a doctor to the Sorcerer Supreme by challenging his beliefs, mind, and abilities. Unlike other heroes, he doesn’t mix emotions in his mission. Most of his battles, including Infinity War and Endgame, were won because of his logical thinking.


Phase Two
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If there was a riddle to get into your dormitory, we are sure that Scott Lang would be the first Avenger to solve it. Other MCU heroes may be more powerful and grand than he is, but Scott’s wit and quirks are unmatchable. He is smart and thinks critically without ever boasting about it. His journey as Ant-Man started with his ability to get through the highly coded security.


Captain America

Captain america and thanos

Steve Rogers is the ideal best friend, superhero, and boyfriend. However, his biggest drawback has been his impulsiveness. Even before being injected with Super Soldier Serum, Captain America was ready to take down anybody regardless of his scrawny physique. Basically, he was a hero long before his abilities and strength got amplified. That’s fortitude and also the true mantra of Gryffindor. Moreover, he isn’t afraid to speak out his mind and go against the authority for the right cause.


thor 3 7


Thor is nothing but the epitome of Gryffindor. He is driven by emotions and often gets impulsive in taking decisions. Even though Thor is a god and has fought many powerful entities, he has displayed valour even in the face of more intimidating forces such as Hela and Thanos.



Clint Barton aka Hawkeye is a Hufflepuff in almost everyone’s opinion. It’s not tough to identify his qualities and find the right house for them. He is one of the most hardworking Avengers who fights beside Gods, super-powered heroes, androids, witches, and billionaire geniuses without any powers.


Iron Man


Being a Slytherin is not a bad thing always. In fact, Tony Stark is one of them for all the good reasons. He was the smartest and the most reliable sources in the MCU. His narcissistic nature makes him a perfect fit for the house. Iron Man showed us that it is possible to be in love with your awesome self while also saving the world as a hero.

Black Panther



Even though we are not a Sorting Hat, we know that a Gryffindor can be identified by how courageous and impulsive he/she is. Black Panther aka T’Challa is not afraid of anything as long as he believes in what he’s fighting for.  He would dive into any danger without second thoughts to save an innocent. Black Panther is admired for his modesty and loyalty despite his royal status and strengths.


Brucer Banner

Bruce is one of the most intelligent and wittiest members of the Avengers team. He is always pushing himself to learn or discover something new as a scientist. Sky has always been the limit for Bruce Banner. The perseverance to improve his skills and work every day is a typical Ravenclaw quality. Furthermore, it wasn’t until “Thor: Ragnarok” that we saw the witty and clever side of Hulk. Even if Bruce and Hulk seem to be poles apart, their core spirit is the same.



wandavision pops vision

Hufflepuff is the most inclusive house that doesn’t differentiate between its candidates. They are recognized for their willingness to do the right thing without prioritizing their lives. Vision was a Hufflepuff for his loyalty towards his duties. He loved Wanda more than anything else in the world, yet he sacrificed his chance to be with her to protect mankind against Thanos.



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Written by Ipshita Barua