MCU: 5 Most Disappointing Characters Based On Reddit

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Marvel Cinematic Universe gave us heroes and villains that changed the game of the superhero movie genre. We have iconic characters that have reached their greatest potential such as Iron Man and Captain America. We also have villains that made an astonishing impact such as Thanos and Loki.


While fans celebrate these characters, there are also the ones who seem underutilized or wasted potential. These characters could have been something bigger and had a greater purpose in the whole MCU plot. Reddit users share their sentiments regarding the most disappointing characters:


Ronan GOTG


Ronan first appeared in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie as the antagonist and follower of Thanos. For Marvel fans, they think that his character has no dimension at all.

“A complex character, turned into a religious fanatic and killed off in his first movie,” says Redditor silverBruise_32. Instead of having a bigger, more impactful role, he was shrunk into a minion of someone more dominant. He also appeared briefly in a scene in Captain Marvel, which, again, made the character a very useless one.


Malekith Thor disappointing characters


Fans claim that Thor: The Dark World is the most disappointing installment of the Thor series and in the entire MCU. The main reason for this is attributed to having a dull antagonist. Malekith, the movie version, seemed very different from what the audience expected, and they wasted such a talented actor as Christopher Eccleston.

“He was supposed to be a moral reflection for Thor to compare himself to… It was never fully realized, and we missed out on a potentially fantastic villain,” says Reddit fan Whitluck. Indeed, Malekith became the total opposite character of the comics’ version.




Clearly, both Dave Bautista and the fans did not like the turnout of Drax’s characterization. The guardian is a fierce and mighty hero, but they only turned him into comic relief.

“When I first heard when he came into the MCU, I was so hyped because I know him from the comics. I personally think there’s a lot of wasted potentials when it comes to Drax,” Turbulent-Gazelle629 of Reddit said. Indeed, he had so much potential and far more interesting background than what most people assume.


Taskmaster Black Widow disappointing characters


There is no wonder why fans call Taskmaster one of the most disappointing characters to date. The criticisms were hardly about the gender change but the failed characterization. Taskmaster is a formidable villain who can mimic the opponent’s actions.

Redditor KeineSchneit expressed their anger about the adaptation, “The portrayal of Taskmaster physically upset me. Such an amazing and important character reduced to that horse****.”


Crossbones Civil War disappointing characters


Crossbones is one of Captain America’s most vicious villains, yet they killed him off minutes after the opening scene. Brock Rumlow spent time building his character in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and it was a pity to watch his potential go to waste.

DukeCaleb shares, “I would have much preferred him to come back and be a villain for Sam’s Captain America.” As fans, we can only hope he will make a return in the future.


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Articles Published: 2022

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