MCU’s Fantastic Four: Why Brendan Fraser Is Perfect To Play The Thing

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The Mummy Returns star Brendan Fraser has been trending online for days after he made a major movie comeback and received a standing ovation for his performance in The Whale. Now, fans want him to star in every movie possible starting now. Which movie franchise could Fraser possibly appear in?

Brendan Fraser The Mummy Returns
Brendan Fraser in The Mummy Returns

Recent rumors state that Brendan Fraser could star in The Mummy Returns sequel and even the scrapped Journey 3 movie. In fact, the actor has a lot of projects already lined up at his doorstep, with Killers of the Flower Moon and Brothers coming very soon. These undertakings are big blessings for Fraser after his career slowed down over the past years.

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Brendan Fraser Making A Phenomenal Comeback

Fraser faced rough times that concerned his health and family, including the issue of sexual assault that brought his entire career into a plunge. Thankfully, he started appearing on several television projects in the past years. The actor finally returned to the limelight in The Whale, a film based on a screenplay by Samuel D. Hunter and directed by Darren Aronofsky.

Many would ask what other movies Fraser could star in, and fans have made numerous suggestions online. The most popular bet at the moment is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fraser could try and join in their sandbox – besides, he has the range. In a post by Stealth Optional, Marvel has a lot of characters that could work with Fraser’s skill set, and since the studio is currently working on a Fantastic Four movie, the actor would be a great addition to the cast.

Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four (2005)

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Fans Suggest He Plays Fantastic Four’s The Thing

Many have expressed interest in seeing Fraser cast as Ben Grimm, also known as The Thing. Indeed, he would absolutely nail the part (and the look). The Thing is one of the members of the Fantastic Four and is often depicted with a tough shell and grim attitude. Beneath all that exterior is a kindhearted and loyal friend. Ben Grimm was played by Michael Chiklis in 2005 and Jamie Bell in 2015.

Indeed, there are other roles that would suit Fraser in the world of MCU. A fan even said, “I need Brendan Fraser in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I don’t care who he plays!” Another Reddit fan commented, “I said yes because I’ll watch Brendan in anything but as a comic fan, there are much better roles for him that exist in the Marvel universe.”

Brendan Fraser 2
Brendan Fraser at the premiere of Condor

Now that Brendan Fraser is being considered to join several big Hollywood franchises, there is only one way to go for him – up! His career is thriving once again, and perhaps that is what we all need – a movie starring one of our favorite childhood actors!


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