MCU Fantastic Four Movie Will Reportedly Not Have Doctor Doom as Main Villain, May Be Eyeing Galactus as Antagonist

Dr. Doom might not be the main villain in MCU's The Fantastic Four.
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Marvel Studios has been cooking up plans for introducing the Fantastic Four to the cinematic universe for a while now, and the franchise has been working on its film as well. And just like a team of superheroes is incomplete without a formidable villain to fight, the same is true for the Fantastic Four and the intimidating villain, Doctor Doom. However, certain rumors have popped up, according to which, fans might just not get to see the iconic villain in the new movie.

Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom

An F4 film without Dr. Doom doesn’t sound right, does it? But Marvel is obviously not known for being shortsighted and if Victor Von Doom won’t be playing the bad guy, then surely, the franchise must have its eyes set upon someone else to do the honors.

Will Dr. Doom be the villain in The Fantastic Four?

Jeff Sneider, an insider source who recently appeared on the Hot Mic Podcast, claimed that fans wouldn’t be seeing Doctor Doom play the main antagonist in the upcoming movie.


Although he might appear in the film, his role would reportedly be a minimal one. “I’m told that Doctor Doom is not the villain of Fantastic Four,” Sneider said. “That Doctor Doom will be introduced basically in like a mid-credit or post-credit scene [in Fantastic Four].” And Lizzie Hill from The Cosmic Circus also confirmed the same, claiming that “We had heard this as well.” 

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Doctor Doom seen in Fantastic Four (2005).
Doctor Doom in Fantastic Four (2005)

This seemingly new development is no short of a shocker, especially to Marvel fans considering how people had been expecting Dr. Doom to have a rather significant part to play in The Fantastic Four movie. And that was not only the case due to his role in the previous F4 movies, but because there had been various easter eggs hinting towards the same. For instance the speculation about Doom making an appearance in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.


But it looks like Marvel has different plans in store for its fans.

Who can replace Dr. Doom as the antagonist in the film?

Sure, Dr. Doom is one of a kind when it comes to supervillains, and having him as the main antagonist in the MCU’s Fantastic Four would have been a whole different experience. But now that rumors have surfaced about him having only a minor role in the film, fans should probably take their expectations down a notch.

In lieu of Dr. Doom though, they have started to come up some seriously villainous candidates who might just be the perfect fit for the apparently empty spot of the big bad in the film.


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A debate is going on about the villain in Fantastic Four: - Galactus or Doctor Doom.

As Kevin Feige himself claimed that Phase Five of the Marvel Cinematic Universe would have more of a cosmic air and appeal, Galactus could be a safe bet for filling the shoes of the villain in The Fantastic Four. Cosmic entity? Check. A former mortal who is now fueled by unending fury and makes a great supervillain? Also, check.

However, Marvel has yet to confirm these rumors about either Dr. Doom or Galactus.


The Fantastic Four‘s initial release is set to take place on February 14, 2025.

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