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MCU Focusing On Multiverse May Have Killed Marvel’s Young Avengers Project

Many touted it as the next big thing of the MCU. Since most of the mainstream heroes are retiring, the onus of carrying the torch would fall on the new generation. The Young Avengers would have been a good insurance measure. By keeping the team in limelight in the upcoming MCU Phases, Marvel would have ensured its future for the decades to come. But from the looks of how Marvel is focusing all its energies on the Multiverse, we have come to an absolute conclusion. The Young Avengers project is doomed because it is already way too late.

Missed Opportunity?

As a matter of fact, considering the order in which Marvel is planning things, it doesn’t even matter anymore. If the Young Avengers do come after the Multiverse saga, they would be a failed attempt. Marvel may have ruined their best shot at securing the MCU for the foreseeable future. Here’s how.

Casting & Project Timeline For Establishing Young Avengers Has Been Erratic

Young Avengers

Most of the legwork has been done by the already streaming and upcoming Disney+ shows. Although things began within the MCU Movie-verse, the Disney+ shows have done or will do most of the work. Kid Loki, Speed and Wiccan, Kate Bishop, and Riri Williams aka Ironheart are all products of Disney+ shows. Even Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel is a Disney+ product through and through. There has been some sort of mismatch between Disney+ and the mainstream MCU movies. Cassie Lang, the first Young avenger introduced in the MCU, is yet to star in another project – Disney+ or otherwise.

Kamala Khan – Young Avengers

Moreover the depth of MCU movies mean that introducing the Young Avengers in solo projects just won’t do. Marvel Studios needs to do a team-up movie in line with the Avengers movies for the Young Avengers. And last we checked, there was no such Young Avengers movie being planned in the near future.

Marvel Ruined A Golden Chance To Introduce Young Avengers In What If

Marvel’s What If

Even though the sands of time are moving forward, Marvel is still stuck in its past glory. The MCU had so much potential to explore or even introduce new story arcs via What If. The stories take place in alternate realities where anything and everything goes. And yet, the show solely focused on legacy characters like Steve Rogers, Iron Man, and Black Widow. Despite there being a new Captain America, a new up and coming Iron Man successor, and many more heirs, What If focused on the has-beens. The show could have given us Young Avengers in a different form, familiarizing the audience with the concept.

MCU Multiverse Means Young Avengers No Longer Have A Window To Jump In

No More Young Avengers

The multiverse concept was created within the MCU to show us alternate reality counterparts of established characters. At least that is how the MCU sees it as. Marvel Studios can use the Multiverse to debut all new superheroes. But from the looks of it, all we will be seeing are parallel universe counterparts of already known heroes and villains. The MCU should have focused on using the multiverse to give us a universe without Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, or Thor. Instead, we are seeing similar tropes being repeated over and over again.

Iron Lad

So it may take time before we see Patriot, Iron Lad, Stature, and the rest of Young Avengers joining forces. Even if they do, the team up would end up being very less impactful. the Multiverse may have killed the Young Avengers project.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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