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MCU Keeps Tradition Alive, Kills The Mutant Hype With No X-Men Announcement at D23 Expo

The D23 Expo didn’t turn out to be a fair ride for the viewers. While some of the projects got major announcements, the most anticipated ones were left untouched. Fantastic 4 and X-Men were two of the most hyped-up projects in the MCU. Fantastic 4 is still in a better place, thanks to the fact that the director and the release date are confirmed. But we don’t even know if we will get an X-Men movie in Phase 6 or not.

Kevin Feige
Both Fantastic 4 and X-Men were left without any major announcements by Kevin Feige

After the bag full of announcements at the SDCC 22, the fans were hyped up about a lot more from the D23 Expo 22. Starting from Fantastic 4 casting to World War Hulk and X-Men announcements, there were a lot of deals expected to be settled. 

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The MCU becomes the party pooper

Although it can’t be said that the MCU didn’t release anything at all at the D23. They released a couple of teasers whereas many were also shown to the media audience behind closed doors. But there was magnificent hype for getting the Mutants in the MCU and that’s where they disappointed the fans. 

Ms. Marvel finale reveals a X-Men tease
Ms. Marvel’s finale revealed that the Mutants exist in the MCU

With the Mutants being already hinted at MCU in the last episode of Ms. Marvel, they were expected to be soon introduced in the universe. When MCU remained silent on it during SDCC, the fans thought that the D23 might finish the incomplete work. Now according to some theories and sources, the Mutants are going to appear in the movies either after Secret Wars or during Phase 6 only. Therefore there are no prior hand updates yet.

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Phase 6 might give us a surprise

We still lack any knowledge about the Mutants in the MCU except for an animated X-Men 97 series slated to release on Disney+. But it can be expected that we have to still wait for a long time to get the live-action version of X-Men in the MCU. 

X-Men not in the MCU D23 news
These are the movies in Phase 6 of the MCU announced till now

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Elaborating on this, Deadline’s Justin Kroll tweeted that it will still take a long time to get any updates on X-Men.

Now it is to be remembered that in Phase 6 which is to conclude the Multiverse Saga, only three titles have been announced. These consist of Fantastic 4Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, and Avengers: Secret Wars, so it can be a precedent that X-Men be one of the other mysterious titles that haven’t been announced yet. Or there can also be the case of the Mutants joining the saga in the final Secret Wars movie. 

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