MCU Mistakes That Were ‘Almost Irredeemable’ & Cost Marvel Studios A Bomb To Rectify

These MCU mistakes are the very zenith of irredeemable. There is just no way Marvel Studios can totally erase it out of the fans’ minds. But they have been trying to rectify these MCU mistakes. And so far, they have spent millions.

Thor: The Dark World Was So Dull That MCU Had To Make Loki To Help Redeem It


Thor: The Dark World may be the weakest entry in the Thor franchise. And it may be the weakest MCU movie overall, right after Age of Ultron (more on that in a bit). The dull visuals and story pacing of The Dark World makes fans het it even more. The way they massacred our sweet boy Malekith is downright unforgivable. It is exactly because of the mistake that is Thor: The Dark World we got to see the Loki series triumph. Disney+’s Loki series draws heavily from his backstories established in The Dark World like his love for his mother and how Loki secretly sees himself as belonging to no one or no where. They had to literally make a multi-episode MCU show to make The Dark World seem relevant to the future phases of the MCU. That’s just sad.

Iron Man 3’s Mandarin Mistake Was Revised Years Later In Shang-Chi

The Mandarin

Iron Man 3 was in no way a bad movie. But it had some really screwed up moments that are better left unsaid. Ben Kingsley played the hauntingly captivating role of Mandarin in that movie. His character turned out to be a dud. Kingsley’s character’s real name was Trevor Slattery, a stage actor hired by A.I.M to be the Mandarin. Fans still having forgiven that MCU mistake. In Shang-Chi, Tony Leung Chiu-wai played the real Mandarin – Xu Wenwu on screen. Even Kingsley’s Trevor Slattery made a very worthy but comic appearance. MCU did rectify that mistake but fans still hold them accountable for even trying to go that route.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron Desecrated Ultron But What If‘s Infinity Ultron Gave The Villain Some Form Of Redemption

Infinity Ultron

Ultron is probably the most badass villain to ever exist after Doctor Doom in Marvel Comics. Joss Whedon’s Age of Ultron turned him into a robotic warlord who had no idea what he’s doing. Do not forget – this rogue AI is a force of nature so powerful he wiped out all the Avengers from the face of the Earth in the comic book arc of the same name. What If’s Infinity Ultron came very close to simulating the fear and dread the actual comic book accurate Ultron inspires in the hearts of his enemies. Like The Dark World, it took a whole new MCU show to correct the Ultron mistake in Age of Ultron. MCU mistakes can be a wily and expensive bunch, no doubt about that.

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Age Of Ultron’s Pointless Quicksilver Death Was Somewhat Redeemed In WandaVision


Pietro Maximoff is one of the fastest beings in the Marvel Universe. But he is still not fast enough to escape a few bullets. Age of Ultron turned Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver into a joke. The character is still made fun of in many MCU fan circles. WandaVision tried to redeem the character after doing disservice to it and then ignoring it altogether. Evan Peters reprised the role of Quicksilver in the MCU after playing the fan-favorite role in the X-Men movies. While we know how WandaVision duped us all with Evan Peter’s Quicksilver, we at least saw the MCU show us that they hadn’t forgotten about the character and knew they were at fault for trying to do what they did to him in Age of Ultron.

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