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MCU Repeats A Captain Marvel Mistake Again In What If & Makes It Worse

MCU has repeated a Captain Marvel mistake in What If…? and it has made it worse. When it comes to some of the most powerful characters, Captain Marvel is definitely on the list. This was even proved in the ending moments of Avengers: Infinity War when Nick Fury realizes that it’s about time he calls Carol for help. But her treatment in the MCU has been rather odd and not satisfying. Even in Avengers: Endgame, she got a brief moment to shine but ultimately being punched badly by Thanos. Now, the MCU has once again repeated the same mistake in What If and had made it worse. Check it out!

MCU Does Not Treat Captain Marvel Right

Captain Marvel In Disney+'s What If...?
Captain Marvel In Disney+’s What If…?

In What If, we see that the entire multiverse is at risk and The Watcher himself is not safe from the threat. Infinity Ultron has ended many worlds and his hunger has led him to the multiverse which he wants to… you guessed it right – finish. Keeping this in mind, The Watcher breaks his oath to never interfere. The reason for this is that he tried to stop Infinity Utron but failed rather badly. He makes a plan with Doctor Strange Supreme to gather some of the finest warriors from different realities. Welcome, the Guardians of the Multiverse.

Captain Marvel vs. Infinity Ultron in What If
Captain Marvel vs. Infinity Ultron in What If..?

The Watcher goes on a quest to quickly hire our well-known heroes, namely Party Thor, T’Challa Star-Lord, Captain Carter, Black Panther (Erik), Gamora, and of course, Doctor Strange Supreme. Once again, where in the world is Captain Marvel? She’s literally one of the strongest Marvel characters and she’s absent. The Watcher has access to the multiverse, which means he has a plethora of Captain Marvels. But he still chooses to keep her out of it, and the reason is unknown.

Captain Marvel in What If
Captain Marvel in What If…?

Shelving Carol like this is definitely a concern considering her hype. Even in the entire What If series, she has not been given enough limelight to shine. In episode 7, she did fight Party Thor but it didn’t amount to anything. The reason behind MCU treating the character is unknown, what do you think?



Source: ScreenRant

Written by Deepak Vasisht