MCU Reportedly Making 2 More Halloween Disney+ Specials, Ghost Rider and Dracula May Be Top Contenders

MCU Reportedly Making 2 More Halloween Disney+ Specials, Ghost Rider and Dracula May Be Top Contenders

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is constantly and consistently expanding both in terms of quality and size. The MCU is the biggest movie franchise to ever exist, and it would be a shame if Kevin Feige and co. don’t work hard enough to sustain its legacy and keep on making improvements.

Regardless, they’ve done exactly what has been stated. A very good example of how the MCU has improved can be taken from its most recent experimental venture that came around Halloween. Adding an R-Rated movie, Werewolf by Night, to its massive catalog of movies, and it plans on expanding itself into that area as well has been a great success!

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Werewolf by Night

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The MCU Plans On Adding Two New Halloween Disney+ Specials

Werewolf by Night was pretty brutal. The TV special directed by Michael Giacchino, putting aside the positive reviews and successful viewership numbers, had almost everything that a pre-pubescent teen watching MCU movies in the 2010s would have wanted.

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Werewolf by Night

It’s gory, scary, not safe for kids, and it’s R-rated. Now after a franchise as huge as the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a reputation for child-friendly movies goes on to pull off a daring project like this (and succeed), fans would eventually want more of these.

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And yes, fans need not worry, because it has been reported that two more Halloween specials are up and running for production at Marvel Studios. According to insider Daniel Richtman, as he states in his latest Patreon post, the two new additions will likely be for Disney+ as well.

This is quite an exciting prospect for fans of the franchise which never fails to deliver.

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So Who Will Be The Lucky MCU Characters To Get A Halloween Special?

The prospect of two more Halloween specials after the success of Werewolf by Night will surely excite fans as it means that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is willing to get out of its comfort zone and expand into other genres.

Now the big question comes as to which two characters are going to be the lucky lot to get their own Halloween special. Thankfully the MCU has a roster of characters in such a quantity that you cannot count off the top of your head.

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Since we already got Man-Thing introduced into the franchise with Werewolf by Night, the swamp monster might just be the lucky character who gets his own TV special (which everyone hopes will be better than the Brett Leonard movie about the same in 2005).

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Other than Man-Thing, let’s focus on characters in the franchise that were written and created through the inspiration of horror, and that’ll be your answer for who might be the lucky character to get their own Halloween special. This list includes Ghost Rider, Mephisto, Magik, and even the most horror-related character, Dracula.

It’s important to note that this is simply a rumor and nothing may come out of this, but the MCU will definitely be looking to broaden its horizons more in the future.

Werewolf by Night is available for streaming on Disney+.

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